10 reasons to join our 28-day Lose Weight Fitness and Meal Plan!

Welcome to our Lose Weight Fitness and Meal Plan where you’ll find everything you need to boost energy, feel refreshed and drop a few pounds. We’re giving you all the tools you need to better your mood and increase your happiness over four weeks.
By Robyn Shanks
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Welcome to our Lose Weight Fitness and Meal Plan where you’ll find everything you need to boost energy, feel refreshed and drop a few pounds. We’re giving you all the tools you need (absolutely free!) to better your mood and increase your happiness over four weeks. Here’s 10 more reasons why you should follow the plan:

1. You can win big! We’ve got a seven day, six night stay for two to The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda with daily breakfast, deluxe double-room with ocean-view and two fitness classes (one per person) to keep your new body in shape whilst you relax. Click here to enter.

2. You’ll look amazing. Our fitness expert James Fell, CSCS will give you daily fitness tips to get your blood flowing regardless of your fitness level. From walking and biking to at-home exercises and 10-minute workouts, James is here to teach you how to make exercise right for your life.

3. You’ll feel amazing. As a self-proclaimed ‘former fat guy’, James knows what it takes to make the first step towards changing your life forever. For those of you who already exercise daily, James will be offering workouts you can use to further challenge yourself. As a father, he knows how hard it is to find time to exercise. His schedule-friendly routines will make it easy for you to make healthy living a priority. We’re confident his daily workouts and enthusiasm will get you as excited as we are for this month-long personal challenge!

4. You’ll learn how, and what, to eat.
What would a shape-up guide be without a nutritional component? This is where Natasha Turner comes in. As one of North America’s leading naturopathic doctors, and founder of the Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique, Natasha is a ball of energy and thrilled to be guiding you through this journey. With a four-week meal plan that includes recipes, supplements and detox strategies, we’re confident you’ll feel lighter, happier and more invigorated on her plan.

5. Learn to eat for disease prevention. Natasha’s knowledge of food and simple recipes will teach you lessons that can be carried on well after the challenge is over. Her books
The Hormone Diet and The Carb Sensitivity Program explain why diet is paramount to any healthy lifestyle. Her daily recipes will get you started on the track to a cleaner, more restored you.

6. Learn how to change your life. No one’s expecting you to run a marathon by the end of the month, but if you get there hooray! Together, James and Natasha will provide you with tips, tricks, supplement options and simple exercises you can incorporate into your life. Whether it’s changing your eating habits or deciding to ride your bike more often (hopefully both!) we know that any positive change you make is a step in the right direction.

7. We’ll show you how planning sets you up for success. Whether it’s grocery shopping or shuffling your schedule to fit in your physical component, we encourage you to get a head start in order to set yourself up for success. We know it’s not always easy to eat right and exercise every day
especially with the long weekend approaching!

8. You’ll get words of wisdom. One of our favourite quotes from James is, “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” Playing off the fact that no matter how much you exercise (and with him, you will) a poor diet will set you back, this quote showcases the type of balance you’ll find over the four weeks of our plan.

9. Bid your old self adieu. And say hello to a leaner, happier you. Life is meant to be fun and full of adventure so we hope you’ll join us on this ride of self-discovery. If you’ve got questions or comments regarding a specific recipe or workout send us a message on our Facebook page or tweet us #28DayPlan @ChatelaineMag. We love to hear your feedback!

10. Get going! We’ve released Week 1 of our four week plan to help you strategize for the week to come (see #7). Join us July 3 as we officially kick-off the plan starting with Day 1. You’ve got one week to get yourself prepped. It’s game on from there! Not to worry if you miss a day or two, we’ll have the whole plan available to you here. Happy shape-up!

Get the full weight loss and fitness plan here.

Editor's note: This plan does not require any sign up or fees. You can simply click here to each day's fitness and health advice. We'll be releasing each week prior to its start date to ensure you can get prepped ahead of time. Week 2 will be released July 6, Week 3 will be released July 13 and Week 4 will be released July 20.


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