Eight ways to relieve a hangover

We all know it's best to avoid overindulging, but holiday cheer can lead us astray. These fast fixes really work — and they're good for you, too
By Karen Robock
Eight ways to relieve a hangover

Do some yoga

Kick those three (okay, four) drinks out of your system with a little yogic intervention. “I call it hair of the downward dog,” says Vancouver yogi Eoin Finn. Yoga can help reduce pain and fatigue, and it’s a great mood booster. Just avoid hot yoga, which can cause dehydration.

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Chug coconut water

Water will counteract last night’s G&T, but you also need to replace vitamins and electrolytes (potassium, sodium, and magnesium). Enter coconut water. It’s packed with all those nutrients, especially potassium — 500 millilitres has even more than a banana does!

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Take your headache meds

If you have a pounding headache, it’s okay to pop a pill, says Michael Lam, a pharmacist in Burnaby, B.C. But choose carefully. When taken with alcohol, Aspirin increases the risk of ulcers, and acetaminophen can up your risk of liver damage. Go with ibuprofen; just make sure you’ve had a good night’s sleep and that you’ve eaten to reduce the chance of stomach upset.

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Can't drag yourself out of the house?

Kick-start your detox with a seated spine twist: Sit on the floor, legs in front of you. Bend right leg and place foot on the outside of your left knee. Keeping your back straight, twist right and hold for three breaths. Switch sides

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Ask your partner for a back rub




Eat like a kid

A PB&J sammie is the perfect hangover buster. Toast some multi-grain, layer on natural peanut butter and sliced banana, and get ready to feel better. You'll get fibre, protein, and natural sugar, which can all help perk you up, says Calgary dietitian Sarah Remmer.

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Drink juice

Alcohol makes blood sugar plummet, and the effects can last for up to 12 hours after you’ve finished drinking. Pour yourself some OJ to raise blood-sugar levels and counter dehydration.

orange juice

Lace up your sneakers

We know; just moving seems impossible. But a walk (or jog!) will help. “It’ll get the circulation going and clear your head,” says Toronto personal trainer Cherilee Garofano.



Hide under the duvet

Sometimes no matter what you try, your best bet for a speedy recovery is getting some rest. But it’s a workday, you say. Doesn’t matter. If you’re not well, you’re not well, even if it’s self-inflicted, says Lam. So curl up under the covers, drink plenty of fluids and sleep it off. We won’t judge.

Need more advice? Check out these four natural hangover cures.



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