The health benefits of five fave holiday foods

From wine to stuffing, find out the health perks hiding in your favourite holiday treats.

Shannon O’Hara/Stockfood

Good thing our faves have some hidden health perks!

1. Hot apple cider
Apples contain flavonoids, which can protect you from heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases; and cinnamon boosts brain function.

2. Mulled wine
Red wine is rich in antioxidants, and warm, spicy cloves provide a healthy dose of PMS-busting manganese and fatigue-fighting iron.

3. Stuffing
Its herbs can reduce inflammation.

4. Cocoa
Studies have linked the flavanols in chocolate to reduced risks of heart disease and stroke.

5. Gingerbread
Ginger has long been used to fight colds and flu and is also a handy cure for nausea.

Don’t forget: Chewing burns 11 calories an hour!

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