The Most Towering, Over-The-Top Burgers From Canada's Le Burger Week

With ingredients like deep fried avocados, peanut-butter stuffing or nori and cheese curds, these burgers are sending summer out with a bang.
The Most Towering, Over-The-Top Burgers From Canada's Le Burger Week

Summer may be coming to a swift close, but food festivals are still going strong. The annual Le Burger Week — which starts September 1 — is dedicated to finding the very best burgers in cities around Canada. Running for seven days, the fest involves nearly 400 restaurants across six provinces (and even a few cities south of the border), where outrageous creations will be grilled, flipped and stacked and plated for guests, who will in turn vote for their favourite burger in their home city.

From Montreal to Toronto, Winnipeg to Calgary, and Edmonton to Vancouver — here are five incredible burgers we'd love to get our hands on (you can see the rest on Le Burger Week's Instagram account):


Kyu Bochi: Mr Lee's Pho Burger, $13.

The burger: Beef chuck patty over crispy rice pho noodles, topped with a hoisin reduction, bean spouts, red onion, jalapeño, Thai basil lime pesto, on a toasted bun.

Le Burger Week 2017 - Winnipeg - Kyu Bochi - Mr Lees Pho Burger


Sticks and Stones' Kimchi Burger, $13.

The burger: House-ground beef patties on a toasted sesame bun, with sautéed house made kimchi, ssamjang aioli, pea shoot, nori, and cheese curds.

Le Burger Week 2017 - Saskatoon - Sticks and Stones Kimchi Burger


Burgers and Fries Forever's AVOcontrol burger, $10.

The burger: Deep-fried avocados, chipotle-lime sour cream, micro greens and cheddar-fried tortillas on a Halal grass-fed patty.

Le Burger Week 2017 - Ottawa - Burgers and Fried Forever - AVOcontrol burger


Le Gras Dur's Le Gras Dur Burger, $18.

The burger: Two beef patties are stuffed with peanut butter and Sriracha sauce, put on pretzel bread then wrapped in bacon. And then it's wrapped in fried pogo and topped with nacho cheese.

Le Burger Week 2017 - Montreal - Le Gras Dur - Burger


Vera's on the Drive's Serengeti Burger, $12.


The burger: A beef patty coated in their signature spice, topped with cheese, bacon, spiced onion strings, lettuce, tomato, a little ketchup and mustard, and serengeti sauce to finish. (Optional extras available.).

Le Burger Week 2017 - Vancouver - Veras on the Drive - Serengeti Burger

If your city isn't participating this year, here are 31 amazing recipes (including a few OTT creations) you can make at home.

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