Our Favourite All-Canadian Caesar Fixings

A collection of garnishes, spirits and mixes to elevate your caesar cocktails.

Bottle with red liquid inside and a label reading Craft Caesar Mix.

Walter Classic or Walter Vegan (from Vancouver)

Bottle of red hot sauce with ghost tomato label

Tasty Heat’s Magma Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (from Winnipeg)

A short bottle with a silver lid containing marinated seaweed pickles.

Seabiosis Kombu Pickles (from Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec)


A black and red packet containing sea salt and an image of a starfish and glass of red juice on the packet.

Saltwest Seasar Pleaser Cocktail Rimmer (from Sooke, B.C.)

A bottle with a dropper lid and a dark red liquid inside. The label reads Prosyro Caesar Booster.

Prosyro Caesar Booster (from B.C.)

A short black bottle with a dropper cap and a label that reads "Hb Habanero"

Nickel 9 Habanero Cocktail Bitters  (from Toronto)

A clear bottle with a label that is turquoise and orange reading "Lumette!"

Lumette! Bright Light (from B.C.)

A clear bottle with a black lid and a light green label.

Laneway Distillers No.12 Vodka  (from Ontario)

A clear, tall bottle with a black lid and a transparent liquid inside.

Ironworks Distillery Gin (from Lunenburg, N.S.)

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