I think my hatred for velvet stems from the many uncomfortable and hot party dresses I was forced to wear as a little girl.

(Cursed velvet party dress… But don’t worry it didn’t turn me off fashion forever.) Velvet seems to come back into style every fall and as we are prepping for our winter shoots it’s appearing everywhere. But I refuse to shoot it. I just don’t like it. When I see it on the runways I think it looks beautiful and yet always slightly tacky. It screams old school European tapestry to me. Perhaps this is from seeing it in endless castles and museums. So while it might have looked cool on King Richard, unless you’re going to one of those medieval- themed weddings I sometimes see on TV, I just don’t see when you would wear this heavy fabric… (On the runways this season there are full velvet suits at Givenchy! Seriously. I would pass out from the heat.) Do what you like, but velvet just doesn’t fly with me. –Kate Daley

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