Vapur: The anti-bottle

I got a note recently from  PR friend about the newest type of water bottle. “Perfect for your next triathlon!” she said. And you know what? It just might be. I’m a water drinking fiend – can’t leave home without a bottle but lugging around a giant metal jug can be tedious at times. This is the anti-bottle. Instead of wasting tons of plastic bottles that will go straight into landfills Vapur’s can be safely reused and it just looks cool because you can strap it to your bag or roll it up and flatten it out when you’re done.

This Vapur one will fold up for road trips or long treks and is even safe for the dishwasher and freezer. And of course it’s free of BPA, which no one wants in their system. Find more info on their site. It retails for around $12. – Kate Daley

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