Professional Waxing at Home

Andrea Professionals isn’t called professional for nothin’. I saw these lovely little strips pop up in my mailbox and I figured I would give them a shot for my unkempt brows. I have never, and I mean never, considered waxing my brows at home before. There is just far too much that can go wrong with hot wax dripping all over the counter. But these facial strips were so petite and looked easy enough so I gave it a shot.

Voila! Easy, shaped brows in literally five minutes. I’ve just saved myself a lot of time and hassle. (Beware of grabbing your lashes by mistake though and don’t wax on top of your brows to keep them looking natural!) I was very careful near any areas where I could take off too much. Try them out for yourself this summer. Andrea Professionals Wax Strips for the Face, $7 at Rexall and Lawtons. – Kate Daley

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