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There’s so much to love about fashion this season. Fall is by far my favourite time of year for clothing, even though fall really doesn’t exist in Canada. But hey, we’ll have about a week between the hot and cold so layer on these fashion dos! Metallic Accents

How could someone who loves shiny things so much not love metallic accents? I want to bedazzle the hell out of all my outfits but I must practice self-restraint. Anything with studs, shiny appliques or gunmetal hardware is in. Check out this Miu Miu clutch. It’s pretty fab but there’s a ton of great options at the mall.  Big shoulders

I admit, I love shoulder pads. They might be very Melanie Griffith in Working Girl but they make you look authoritative and you’re wearing them like Balenciaga or Balmain so it’s ironic chic, not actually your mom’s 90’s blazer. (Though that would probably work too.)  Neons

Michael Kors did this look so well on the runways. I want this pink dress badly! But you must remember: While neon is really fun and should be played with and mixed with your favourite nude pieces, unless you’re actually going to an 80’s dance party, stick with one hue at a time. And if you aren’t adventurous enough to do a full-on outfit (or as big of a colour spazz as I am) then try a watch, bangle, shoe or purse with a neutral ensemble.  Nudes

Only one woman comes to mind when I think of nudes and that’s Stella McCartney. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton also did an amazing job of creating beautiful, skin tones. Ask a friend to help you pick out an outfit that goes well with your skin. If you look completely naked from far away try one nude darker or lighter for a bit of contrast.  Sequins

Sparkly, flashy outfits are in style this season. You might be wondering how to wear this? Try a vest, a blazer with some sequins or a simple top for a hit of sheen. Stay tuned for more advice in one of our upcoming issues. I’m kind of obsessed with this top from last season at J. Crew. I never found it and sadly continue my search for something similar. Oh and one Don’t I forgot? FUR. EWWW. Avoid at all costs unless it’s vintage or faux.  And that’s all for now.

– Kate Daley

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