How to banish winter feet and get 'em sandal-ready in 3 simple steps

Prep your feet for summer with these tips from Leslie Ferranti of The Ten Spot.
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Are cracked, dry heels keeping you from slipping into your strappy sandals? Don't let them. First, you're not alone. Our feet have been cooped up in closed-toe shoes and heavy boots for the last seven or eight months, so they're going to need a little attention. Secondly, they're not as bad as you think, says Leslie Ferranti, National Education and Training Specialist for Canadian beauty bar company The Ten Spot. "Most people think their feet are really bad, when they just need some maintenance and a little love," she says.

1. Exfoliate weekly

Scrubbing your feet with a gentle exfoliating scrub once or twice a week, particularly the pesky heel callouses, is a key step, says Ferranti. A pumice stone or foot file is also a great tool, one that Ferranti recommends using a couple times a week. "You can do it before the shower or even during, once the warm water softens the feet a bit," she says. But stay away from feet razors. "They can be very dangerous and take way too much skin at one time. Callouses are there for a reason, to protect the feet, so don't remove them altogether."

2. Moisturize daily

Think about moisturizing your feet the same way you think about moisturizing your hands — do it daily. Ferranti recommends slathering on some foot cream right before bed. Even better, try exfoliating, moisturizing and then slipping your feet into some clean socks for the night. "You'll wake up with baby-soft feet," she says.

3. Remember to take a break between polishes

Nothing will make your feet look better in your open-toe shoes than a couple coats of in-season polish. (We're loving bright primary colours this summer.) That said, if you've had back-to-back polish on, consider giving your nails a breather for a few days. "Instead of opting for polish at your next pedi appointment, request a buff. This will leave your nails super healthy looking and nice and shiny," says Ferranti.

Your kit

overhaul your feet

Refreshing scrub

Skinn Foot Fetish Sea Salt Heel Polish, $30, The Shopping Channel.

How to banish winter feet and get 'em sandal-ready in 3 simple steps

Two-sided foot file

Tweezerman Step-Two-It Foot File, $14, Sephora.

How to banish winter feet and get 'em sandal-ready in 3 simple steps


Healing foot cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream, $8,

How to banish winter feet and get 'em sandal-ready in 3 simple steps


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