5 free, easy hacks to simplify your beauty routine

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Boost your products, make your blowout last longer and your beauty routine more effective — without spending a dime.

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1. Take a break between your shower and your blow dry.  Post scrub down, your bathroom is hot, sticky and steamy because moisture from the shower tends to linger the air. While this is helpful for breaking up congestion from a lingering cold it also promotes hair frizz and increases dry time. As soon as you turn the water off, turn on the fan and open the door. A fog-free mirror is your signal that it’s safe to break out your blow dryer.

Dreamy Cotton Pajama Set in Stripe, J.Crew.

Dreamy Cotton Pajama Set in Stripe, J.Crew.

2. Boost body moisturizers with water and cotton. Province Apothecary’s founder and skincare guru Julie Clark suggests you double down on softness by massaging moisturizers into damp skin (water helps with absorption) and sleeping in cotton pajamas (which lock in hydration). In the morning, your skin will feel extra fresh and smooth.

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3. Wash your hands before you do your ‘do. If you are anything like us, you have 5 minutes in the morning to get ready and jump from task to task (like putting on face cream and then immediately spritzing and massaging in dry shampoo) without pause. While peptides and oils in your lotion are great for the skin, they will also add grease and dirt to your hair. Taking an extra 30 seconds to cleanse hands before touching your tresses will not only buy you time between washes, but it will make your blow dry last longer, too.

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4.  Warm products pre application. Using your hands to maximize the effectiveness of products is one of our go-to beauty moves. Whether you are applying foundations, face oils or night creams, a slightly heated product will always penetrate deeper and blend better.

5. Say “bye bye” (for good) to the elastic dent. You know what we’re talking about — it’s that dent a hair elastic leaves when you let down your ponytail. Salon owner and stylist Jason Lee says forget store bought bands for day-to-day ‘dos and instead wrap hair with a ring from a ripped pair of pantyhose (we know you have some hiding in your drawer). The soft mark-free material holds hair tight — without leaving a dent.


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