Seven tips on how to wear colour

Put away your staple black dress and get adventurous this season. Here we explain how to wear the latest colourful looks from the runway.

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1. Wear it right

Brights can be sophisticated and versatile when done right. “The easiest way to incorporate brights is with accessories — particularly shoes and bags,” says Afiya Francisco, fashion expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. “You can add high impact to your wardrobe with minimal investment and it’s far enough from your face that you can indulge in any colour you like without worry that it suits your complexion.”

2. Over rules

There are no hard and fast guidelines for how wild you can get with your look but Francisco suggests mixing two patterns maximum, with one unifying factor such as colour. You want to wear them in a way that looks intentional — not like you got dressed in the dark.

3. Easy does it

“While you can get away with up to three different colours, you should be sure that they’re of similar intensity so that the look is cohesive,” says Francisco. Stick with complementary colours and those that sit on the same side of the colour wheel for easy colour mixing. Or choose a dress or skirt that has done the work for you — many brands have created colour blocked items for spring.

4. Accessorize away

Accessories can easily be a part of colour mixing, Francisco says. If you’re dubious of a bright pant an top combo, she suggests easing into the trend with one colourful piece and a bright accessory like a clutch or bangle for similar impact. If you’ve gone bright all over then metallic accessories are a good match — choose warm or cool depending on the colours you’re already wearing.

5. Complexion affection

Orange and pink suit most complexions, says Francisco. Otherwise, pair a neutral with your favourite pink skirt so that whatever is closest to your neckline complements your skin shade. Also, remember to keep your makeup simple if you’re going wild with vibrant shades. If you’re going all out with one, keep the other neutral.

6. Simple silhouettes

When it comes to choosing the right ensemble, keep the shape clean and simple for anything bright. “The colour is enough of a statement on its own” says Francisco. Look for suiting that’s body skimming and tailored or boxy dresses.

7. Shoe story

Not sure what kind of heels to pair with your new look? If you want to incorporate new shades, footwear is a good way to do so, Francisco explains. If you’re at your three-bright colour max in your outfit choose a nude shoe or think about adding a contrasting colour with shoes to ground your outfit.

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