Country chic: Nine fall fashion must-haves and trends

Fashion takes a trip down memory lane—think traditional fabrics, comfortable clothes and classic shapes you'll love forever
By Photos by Alvaro Goveia; Hair by Justin German; Makeup by David Goveia
Country chic: Nine fall fashion must-haves and trends

Trend: Retro wools

Choose a versatile dress that gets a cold-weather update by layering basics like turtlenecks and opaque hose.

On Harry: Rugger shirt, $118; Vest, $128; Pants, $298. All Gant, 1-800-652-9839. Bass shoes, $100, Town Shoes.
Under $100: Bow tie, $68, Brooks Brothers.

On Lucy: Sand dress, $650, The Bay. Bag, $348, J.Crew. Tights, $18, Mondor.
Under $100: ring, $30, K.Amato. Bracelet, $70, Swarovski. Shoes, $39, Joe Fresh.

131 retro wool

Must-have: Something plaid

You can't go wrong with chic tartan-patterned pieces in cooler weather.

On Lucy: Jacket, $190, Esprit. Top, $255, Pink Tartan. Watch, $339, Thomas Sabo. Shoes, $180, Dr. Martens.
Under $100: Ring, $80, Calvin Klein. Skirt, $69, Jacob. Tights, $18, Mondor.

On Harry: Moon Apparel Jacket, $175, The Bay. Rugger pants, $298, Gant.
Under $100: Shirt, $60; Tie, $74; Belt, $35, all Gap.

On Emily: Shirt, $15; Skirt, $18, H&M. Tights, $7; Shoes, $20, Old Navy.

132 something plaid

Must-have: Fitted blazer

Invest in an everyday jacket that adds charm to all your fall basics.

On Lucy: Sand Jacket, $695, The Bay. Skirt, $295, Lundström. Tights, $27, Mondor. Shoes, $380, Cole Haan.
Under $100: Blouse, $50, H&M. Bangles, $38-$40, K.Amato.

On Emily
: Hairband, $25; Dress, $17; Shoes, $20, all Old Navy. Bracelet, $50, Banana Republic.

133 fitted blazer

Trend: Head-to-toe pattern

Mix and match graphic patterns in luxe fabrics.

On Lucy: Sweater, $255, Pink Tartan. Watch, $435, Calvin Klein. Sand pants, $395, The Bay.

On Harry:
Pants, $195, J.Crew.
Under $100: Shirt, $35, H&M. Belt, $35, Gap.

On Emily: Sweater, $27; Dress , $27, all Old Navy.

Home accents:
Rug, $229; Cushion covers, $13-$20, all Ikea.

133 head to toe pattern

Must-have: Navy blue

Midnight is the new black. Classic evening fabrics like lace and velvet look fresh and chic in dark blue.

On Lucy:
Moon Apparel dress, $89, The Bay. Cuff, $190, Calvin Klein.
Under $100: Ring, $95, Michael Kors.

On Emily: Dress, $35, H&M. Shoes, $20, Old Navy.

On Harry: Tuxedo suit, $1,995; Bow tie, $165; shirt, $195, all Hugo Boss. Watch, $435, Calvin Klein. Shoes, $230, Cole Haan.

134 navy blue

Beauty trend: Creamy lipstick

A berry lip is easy and sophisticated.

On Lucy:
Pants, $118, J.Crew.
Under $100: Shirt, $74; Necklace, $95; Bracelet, $50; ring, $50, all Banana Republic.

135 creamy lipstick

Must-have: Pencil skirt

The silhouette of the season is slim and elegant. Pair it with a sexy blouse and transform this 9-to-5 skirt into a trendsetting look.

On Lucy: Mykita Esmeralda sunglasses, $530, Josephson. Shirt, $295, Lundström. Skirt, $360, Lida Baday. Bag, $275, Ecco.
Under $100: Bracelet, $35, Banana Republic. Ring, $20, Laura.

135 pencil skirt

Must-have: Time to play

There's no reason play clothes can't be pretty—and dress-up clothes can't be comfortable.

On Emily: Baby Banz sunglasses, $17, Little Peeps. Dress, $35, H&M.

On Harry: Robert Marc sunglasses, $525, Josephson. Shirt, $128, Ben Sherman. Pants, $195, J.Crew. Shoes, $230, Cole Haan.
Under $100: Belt, $35, Gap.

136 time to play

Trend: Equestrian

Get country-girl chic with a mix of cozy cashmere, a comfortable walking skirt and traditional riding boots.

On Lucy: Sweater, $129, H&M. Gloves, $55, Danier. Dennis Merotto skirt, $525, Reia Studio. Boots, $698, Stuart Weitzman.

On Emily: Dress, $23, Old Navy.

137 equestrian


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