Beauty product of the month

Editor's pick: Almay Intense I-Color Collection

If you’ve ever been stumped, or just plain curious, about which eyeshadow colours work best with your eye colour, you’ll love the latest innovation from Almay. Its Intense I-Color Collection offers a complete line of eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners specifically designed to enhance the natural pop of your peepers. Whether your eyes are green, brown, blue or hazel, there’s no more guessing which shades are most flattering. Each shadow palette comes with three satin-finish shades – two complementary and one contrasting – and the mascaras and liners work together or can be used on their own. Of course, choosing a shade is only half of the beauty battle – how to apply it can be just as daunting. Which is why you’ll find a handy how-to on the back of the palette package. Now that’s smart makeup! $10 each.

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