5 simple tips to avoid hat hair

Toque season is upon us — don’t let it be the downfall of your cute hairstyle. Here are a few simple tricks to keep your ‘do looking fresh.

Girl with red lips wearing a hat

Photo Credit: Marie H Rainville. Hat, $395, Hatitude. Vest, $150, Le Chateau. Top, $99, John + Jenn.

Hats add an instant panache to an outfit; plus, they protect against rain, snow and streaky mascara. But be warned — fall’s best accessory comes with one serious downside: hat hair. Here are 5 foolproof tips to avoid that flat, limp look:

1. Dry dry dry
Don’t even think about putting on that hat unless your hair is bone-dry. Wet hair is prone to breakage and frizz, and it will dry limp and flat under a hat.

2. Fight frizz first
After drying, mist a lightweight frizz-fighting spray on your hair to keep tresses smooth and static free.

3. Pop it off pronto
We know you look cute in that toque but the longer it’s on, the worse it is for your hair. Take it off as soon as you’re indoors to minimize damage.

4. Fluff it up
Before you head out, spritz on a volumizing product, like a texturizing spray, or a dry shampoo. Recharge volume by shaking hair out (upside down) and using your fingers massage and lift at roots.

5. Take it to the top
To completely avoid flattening your hair, twist it into a very loose topknot, using an elastic or just your hat to secure it in place.

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