Ask Lisa + Liz: Week 1: Dressy or work watch


Ask Lisa + Liz
Q: I need a watch that will work for casual or dressy events. What should I look for?

First published in’s January 2003 issue.
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Try something small with a simple face–this style is more feminine than a sporty watch with chronograph or date functions. A gold and silver bracelet combo can be worn with any kind of jewelry. If you’re not a metal fan, opt for a skinny black leather band.

If you do choose a watch with a bracelet band, shake it gently–less rattle means better quality. Whatever watch you pick, buy it from an authorized dealer who will give you a warranty.

Don’t forget, good quality watches need maintenance. Take yours to a dealer every two years to have it cleaned, oiled or to replace the battery.   –Liz Cabral

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