Introducing boosters, a new beauty product for bad skin days

Is your face looking especially dry or dull? Give it a booster.

In an ideal world, you’d give flawless face day in and day out. In reality, there are hormones, pollution and a whole wack of factors, internal and external, that can make your complexion go totally rogue. This is where boosters, the newest supporting players in the skincare aisle, can help.

You’re probably asking, Do I really need another skincare product? Well, need is a tricky word, but if you’ve ever looked in the mirror, been greeted by an annoying blackhead flare-up or unseemly dullness and wanted an instant solution, then a booster is worth trying. “Boosters are formulas with much more concentrated ingredients to address specific skin concerns,” explains Charmaine Cooper, Education Manager at Dermalogica Canada. “They contain highly active botanicals to optimize skin health.”

Unlike a serum, which is layered onto skin as an ongoing treatment, boosters are designed to resolve issues ASAP. They’re applied differently, too: Serums stand alone, whereas boosters are meant to be mixed with your regular face cream — and, in some cases, foundation. So if you’ve ever seen the signs of an indulgent wine night or nearby allergen show up on your face — hi, everyone! — consider the boosters below.

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