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My skin looks dull and patchy. I'm only in my 30s. What can I do to make it look fresher?

More than 90 per cent of premature skin aging comes from sun exposure. If you spent your teens and twenties tanning, your skin can start showing the sun’s damaging legacy—dullness, patchy dryness, dark pigment spots—in your thirties. It’s not too late to save it from further aging if your daily moisturizer contains a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen. You don’t have to hide inside but you should avoid tanning or going outside without protection. To improve the look of your skin now, exfoliate three times a week with a glycolic acid product. Apply a vitamin C serum or cream in the morning to boost radiance and a retinol (vitamin A derivative) at night that will help fight the antioxidants that cause aging.

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