Anti-aging hair guide: 3 strategies for hair colour

Whether you're covering grey or simply enhancing your natural hue, here's what you need to know about age-proofing your hair with colour.
Coloured hair Photo, Saty + Pratha. Hair & makeup, Tami El Sombati.

When it comes to transforming your appearance, hair colour can have magical effects. But it can also be costly and time-consuming, especially if you have to cover greys every three to four weeks. The good news is there are plenty of professional and at-home options to keep your colour vibrant and extend the time between treatments.

Go lighter "Generally speaking, it's always more flattering to go a shade lighter than your natural shade as you get older," says Harry Josh, John Frieda's international creative consultant. "And highlights are great on everyone — you don't need a whole head of them, just a few that frame the face to create dimension and texture."

Front first If you're colouring at home, carefully follow the exact directions on the box (variations on timing can mess with your results). For full grey coverage, start in the front at the hairline, paying specific attention to the temples (where greys are often the most stubborn), and work your way back.

Read the small print Choose a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colour-treated hair, but also pay attention to your styling products. Mousses and leave-in creams that contain UV filters help protect against environmental factors that fade your colour — we're looking at you, hot summer sun.

Anti-aging hair guide: How to embrace your grey hair

Styling trick

Wear it curly If you have curly hair and your greys are cropping up, resist the urge to reach for your flat iron. Curls will keep the greys closer to the top of your head, instead of stretching them out.

Anti-aging hair guide: How to volumize thinning hair

Your kit

Hair colour

For full coverage

This at-home kit offers up to eight weeks of grey coverage, thanks to a highly pigmented colour refresher used twice after the initial dye — once in the second week and again in the fourth. L'Oréal Superior Preference Infinia, $16.

Anti-aging hair guide: 3 strategies for hair colour

For lasting colour

Polynesian tamanu oil is the signature ingredient in this sulphate-free formula that protects your colour from prematurely fading and offers serious shine with just one step. Kerasik Color Cleansing Conditioner, $36.

Anti-aging hair guide: 3 strategies for hair colour


For speedy results

Ideal for both natural and coloured hair, this foolproof in-shower treatment subtly brightens your colour by one shade in just one wash. John Frieda Go Blonder In-Shower Lightening Treatment, $13.

Anti-aging hair guide: 3 strategies for hair colour

For urgent touch-ups

If your greys are showing — and you're not seeing your colourist for another week — this lightweight spray (applied like a dry shampoo) is ideal. L'Oréal Root Cover Up, $14. 

Anti-aging hair guide: 3 strategies for hair colour

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