Fall Into Your New Routine

The lazy days of summer are over, and it’s back to reality! Implementing routines is the best way to keep everything running smoothly – that goes for your gut health too!
By Florastor

No matter how long it’s been since you had a first day of school, September always brings the promise of a fresh start. Now’s the time to revamp all of your health routines, from discovering fresh new recipes to trying a new exercise regimen!  It’s also the perfect time to add a great probiotic to your routine to support your gastrointestinal health.

Why take a daily probiotic?

Our bodies host around 100 trillion microorganisms (aka microbiota or microflora) in our intestines. If the system becomes unbalanced from antibiotic use, viruses or unfriendly bacteria, it can lead to abdominal discomfort and diarrhea.  The good news: Probiotics can promote favorable gut flora to help you restore balance.

How to choose?

Florastor is the only probiotic supplement with Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745, a unique probiotic strain with over 60 years of use and research worldwide. Plus, it doesn’t require refrigeration, making it perfect for travel or taking it on-the-go!

Counter point


Taking antibiotics? Many people experience stomach upset, including diarrhea, during the course of treatment. Adding a probiotic to your routine can help restore the good bacteria that get wiped out, help reduce the risk of diarrhea with antibiotic use and get you back to your routine quickly!

Find out more at and look for it in the digestive health section of your pharmacy.
*Recommended duration: use for up to one week. These products may not be right for you or your child. Always read and follow the label.