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12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Have a can lounging in the cupboard? Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of it.
12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Photo, Erik Putz.

10 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Tres leches coconut cake (1/2 can)

We gave this Latin American cake, traditionally made with three types of milk, a delicious twist with rich coconut milk. Get the recipe.

Tres leches coconut cakePhoto, Erik Putz.

Pumpkin coconut-custard with sesame brittle (1/2 can)

These smooth pots of cream are an elegant winter dessert. Get the recipe.

12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Thai sweet potato red curry soup (1 can)

Celebrate warm food and sweater weather with a hearty colourful bowl – it’s pure comfort on a wintry day. Get the recipe.

Creamy soup: Thai sweet potato red curry soupPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Stir fry with coconut chicken broccoli (1 can)

A 25-min dinner dish starring saucy chicken, tender-crisp broccoli and spicy chilis.  Get the recipe.

Stir fry recipes: coconut chicken and broccoliPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Toasted coconut cupcakes (1 can)

Light, airy and extra coconutty, these delicious cupcakes will be a hit every time you make them. Get the recipe.

Perfectly shaped cupcakes: Toasted coconut cupcakesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Hong Kong chicken curry (1 can)

This dish is both bright and mellow, thanks in part to the addition of punchy curry powder and rich coconut milk. The trio of carrots, potatoes and peas helps the meal come together easily with fridge and pantry staples. Get the recipe.

chicken curry recipe served over ricePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Tom yum soup with chicken and shrimp (1 can)

Try Thai for dinner tonight! This is a fun way to serve up a hearty chicken soup — but with a little extra flair. Get the recipe.

12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Coconut-lemon cake (1 can)

Treat the family to this spectacular layer cake, filled with tangy lemon curd and slathered with our decadent honey-vanilla icing. Get the recipe.

12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Tofu egg noddle laksa soup (1 can)

Full of veggies, this rich coconut noodle soup also stars crisp tofu — making it a balanced weeknight meal and exotic comfort food. Get the recipe.

Tofu egg-noodle laksa soupPhoto, Erik Putz.

Curried coconut mussels (1 can)

Don’t forget the crusty bread when preparing for this sweet curry dish. The mouth-watering tomato-coconut curry sauce will have you wanting seconds…and thirds. Get the recipe.

12 ways to use a can of coconut milk

Shrimp and squash curry (1 can)

Coconut milk complements curry dishes beautifully, softening the spice and giving it added creaminess. Get the recipe.

Shrimp and squash curryPhoto, Erik Putz.


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