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15 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes So You Can Skip The Stove

Make these Instant Pot friendly by using its slow cooker setting, and beat the kitchen heat.
15 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes So You Can Skip The Stove

Rum and coke pulled pork. (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Slow cookers aren't just a winter-time gadget. You can use yours to make all sorts of summery, picnic-ready dishes, from grain-filled salads to juicy pulled pork sliders. (And don't forget breakfast and dessert!) Here's how you can put your trusty slow cooker to work all year long.

Rum And Coke Pulled Pork Sandwich

Inspired by the ubiquitous mixed drink, this slow cooker dish is sweet, spicy and perfectly sandwich-worthy. Get this rum and coke pulled pork recipe.

Southwest corn and bean cream cheese dip

A hot and cheesy dip is a winner any time of year, at any gathering. Set it out within easy reach of a bowl of tortilla chips, hand out a few cocktails and enjoy. Get this southewest corn and bean dip recipe.

Southwest corn and bean cream cheese dip with vegetables and tortilla chips

Slow cooker beef wraps with tahini

These wraps, complete with quick-pickled carrots and radishes, are made low-carb by substituting lettuce for pitas. Get this slow cooker beef wraps with tahini recipe.

Slow cooker beef wraps with tahini.

Spanish-inspired potato and chorizo tortilla

Patatas bravas — cubed fried potatoes in spicy sauce — are served all over Spain as a tapa or bar snack. Add eggs and cured sausage like we did here, and it's perfect for breakfast. Get this Spanish-inspired tortilla recipe now.

Spanish potato and chorizo tortillaPotato and chorizo tortilla. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Jerk chicken with mango slaw

Spicy chicken and sweet mango mix it up, bringing a perfect balance to this fun family meal. Get this jerk chicken with mango salad recipe.

Slow cooker jerk chicken on bun with mango slawPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Zucchini and artichoke summer lasagna

Go vegetarian with your slow cooker tonight. This fresh lasagna will tease everyone’s taste buds with creamy, zesty flavour. Get this zucchini and artichoke summer lasagna recipe.

slow cooker recipes: zucchini lasagnaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Pulled pork tacos

Enjoy tender pork tacos tonight in (almost) no time; the pressure cooker setting is easy, promise. Get this Instant Pot big-batch pulled pork tacos recipe

Instant Pot Big Batch Pulled Pork Tacos on PlatterPhotography, Erik Putz. Food styling, Arisa Yokomura. Prop styling, Madeleine Johari.

Cheese and mushroom strata

Never throw out stale bread! Store it in the freezer to make this fabulous dish. It’s terrific for a weekend family brunch, and it packs nicely in a lunch box too. Get this cheese and mushroom strata recipe.

Cheese and mushroom strata with salad.Cheese and mushroom strata. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Wheatberry tabbouleh salad

Keep things cool in the kitchen tonight with a hearty vegetarian salad that lets your slow cooker do all the heavy lifting. Sweet apple adds a sweet crunch and salty feta brings a savoury creaminess to each bite. Get this wheatberry tabbouleh salad recipe.

Wheatberry tabbouleh salad with apples.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Glazed ginger-garlic ribs

Have ribs for dinner—on a weeknight! Your slow cooker can whip up this summertime favourite while you’re at work. Get this glazed ginger-garlic ribs recipe.

Glazed ribs with sesame seeds on platter.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Juicy pork carnitas

Slow-cooked pork with cilantro rice and crema rounds out this flavourful Mexican-inspired meal. Get this juicy pork carnitas recipe.

Slow cooker pork canitas with avocado and rice.Photo, Angus Fergusson.

Maple-bacon French toast

Challah bread is ideal for this recipe—it’s sturdy enough to stand up to a long cooking time. This dish is best served with lots of maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit. Get this maple-bacon French toast recipe.

Three slices of slow cooker French toast topped with bacon.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Pulled pork with ginger-bourbon sauce

An easy (and tasty) dish you can make just by popping in the ingredients! Get this pulled pork with ginger-bourbon sauce recipe.

Instant Pot Pulled pork sandwich with ginger-bourbon saucePhoto, John Cullen.

Homemade oatmeal

If breakfast falls by the wayside on busy mornings, cut down on the prep time and put your oatmeal in the slow cooker the night before! Top with seasonal fresh fruit, yogurt and a sprinkling of brown sugar and you’re good to go until lunch. Get this homemade oatmeal recipe.

Homemade apple cinnamon instant oatmeal recipePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Apple-berry brown betty

Throw the ingredients in your slow cooker while you put the final touches on dinner, and when everyone is ready for a bit of something sweet, you’ve got a warm, fruit-filled dessert to serve (a la mode of course). Get this apple-berry brown betty recipe.

15 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes So You Can Skip The Stove


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