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11 Meatball Recipes That Bring Big Flavour To The Table

Soup. Pasta. Sandwiches. Grain Bowls. Salad. The humble meatball can do it all.
11 Meatball Recipes That Bring Big Flavour To The Table

Photo, Erik Putz.

Whether it crowns a saucy dish of spaghetti, floats in a flavourful broth, or fills a cheesy, saucy sandwich, the humble meatball can do it all. If you don't have a go-to meatball recipe—or you do and are curious about trying something new—these recipes are for you.

From using a bevy of herbs and spices to playing mix-and-match with your proteins and more, here are eleven ways to make this beloved classic really shine:

Beef and pork meatballs

From the homemade sauce to tasty beef and pork meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, this is a pasta-night classic you can master on the first try. Get our classic spaghetti and meatballs recipe.

spaghetti and meatballs in serving bowlPhoto, Erik Putz.

Saucy Swedish meatballs

These famous and well-loved meatballs have been around for a long time—and are actually very easy to make at home. (Did you know they can be traced back to a trip to Turkey made by King Charles XII?).  Get this Swedish meatballs recipe.

Swedish meatballs and egg noodles in turquoise bowl.Photo, Erik Putz.


Baked pork meatballs (with roasted vegetables)

These oven baked meatballs are a mix of pork, apple, honey, garlic and salt. Cooked in just 15-20 minutes they're a great addition to healthy grain bowls, saucy pastas and more. Get this baked pork meatball (and roasted vegetable bowl) recipe.

Baked pork meatballs with roasted vegetablesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Zucchini and pork meatballs (in lettuce cups)

Zucchini, pork, Chinese five-spice and salt are all you need to make these tender meatballs. Turn it into a meal with spicy mayo, carrots, and iceberg lettuce. Get this zucchini and pork meatballs recipe.

Zucchini and pork meatballs in lettice cupsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Nordic meatballs

Beef, parsley, egg, salt and milk-soaked rye bread are the base of these mouthwatering meatballs. Serve with a tart and crunchy kale salad. Get this Nordic meatballs recipe.

11 Meatball Recipes That Bring Big Flavour To The Table


Jamie Oliver’s beef meatballs alla Norma

These parsley and fennel-laced beef meatballs are a fragrant and delicious dinner dish. Try Jamie Oliver's Meatballs alla norma recipe.

Jamie Oliver's Meatball recipeJamie Oliver's Meatballs alla Norma recipenPhoto by David Loftus

Pork meatballs

Pack toasted sub buns with saucy ricotta-pork meatballs and cheese, then serve it all with a side salad. (Bonus: These subs are ready in just 25 minutes!) Get this saucy pork meatball sub recipe.

Saucy meatball subSaucy meatball sub. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

Turkey meatballs

Packed with aroma and Thai flavours, these turkey meatballs are so moist they don't even need a dipping sauce. Get this Thai-inspired turkey meatball recipe.

11 Meatball Recipes That Bring Big Flavour To The Table


Cranberry-glazed pork and beef meatballs

Canned cranberry sauce adds just the right amount of sweetness to these savoury pork and beef meatballs. Get this cranberry-glazed meatballs recipe.

Cranberry meatballsPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Chicken meatballs

Oregano, chives and mint are mixed into ground chicken with salt, tangy Dijon, and Worcestershire sauce (plus egg and bread crumbs, to hold it all together). Get this herbed chicken meatballs recipe.

Herbed-chicken meatballs with spaghettiHerbed chicken meatballs with spaghetti

Chicken meatballs

Chicken, carrot, miso, ginger and garlic make flavourful meatballs perfectly suited to a delicate noodle broth. Get this chicken miso noodle soup recipe.

bowl of noodle soup with chicken ballsPhoto: George Whiteside.

Watch: How to make cranberry-glazed meatballs


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