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6 gravy recipes for the holiday roast

It all starts with the pan sauce — whether you're roasting a turkey, beef tenderloin, or pork loin.
6 gravy recipes for the holiday roast

Gravy recipes

No-roast gravy

But if you don’t have a pan sauce to start with, don’t worry! This simple gravy is made without using the drippings from a roast. (It can also be made ahead and reheated.) Get the recipe.

6 gravy recipes for the holiday roastPhoto, Erik Putz.

Roast beef gravy

Cooking a roast this holiday? Here’s how to make the most of those pan juices, and turn them into a creamy gravy. Get the recipes.

roast beef recipe with potatoes served in a copper panPhoto, Erik Putz.


Marsala-chestnut gravy

Planning to cook a pork roast? Try a festive roasted chestnut gravy.

Cracklin’ pork roast with marsala-chestnut gravy

Easiest roast turkey gravy

Start with the pan sauces, adding in flour, wine, stock and seasoning for a simple, classic sauce. Get the recipe.

How to cook a turkey: Roast turkey on a blue platter with carving toolsPhoto, John Cullen.

Roast pork bacon-cider gravy

Hard cider and bacon take this gravy to a whole new level. Get the recipe.

roast pork loin recipe served with cider gravy


Maple and herb roast turkey with sherry gravy

If you’re sticking to turkey, but want to add a new spin to things, the herbs and sherry added to this recipe give the pan juices new layers of flavour (and make it even easier to whip the sauce together when the turkey's done). Get the recipes.

Maple and herb roast turkey with sherry gravy

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