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5 Easy Weeknight Dinners For The First Week Of Fall

Don't sweat about dinner with these simple (yet delicious) recipes.
5 Easy Weeknight Dinners For The First Week Of Fall

Nordic meatballs. Photo, Erik Putz.

These easy weeknight dinner recipes will get food on the table fast so you can get back to enjoying fall (arguably the best season of the year). These meals all come together quickly, including a hearty autumnal dessert you could totally tackle on a weeknight.

Monday: Nordic meatballs with beet and kale salad

Start the week off right with dark greens and hearty herbed meatballs. Get this Nordic meatballs recipe.

Easy weeknight dinner recipes: Nordic meatballs with kale saladPhoto, Sian Richards.

Tuesday: Tomato and prosciutto sandwich

Toast-afficionados, this one’s for you. Spread toasted sourdough with a creamy goat’s cheese mixture, then top with prosciutto and colourful tomato slices. Get this tomato and prosciutto salad recipe.

Garden tomatos on toastPhoto, Sian Richards.

Wednesday: Paneer curry with potatoes and spinach

Paneer is a mild-flavoured fresh cheese commonly used in Indian cuisine. (It has a texture similar to medium firm tofu.) All you need is some rice, and you’ve got a fragrant, vegetarian meal. Get this paneer curry recipe.

Easy dinner recipes to make this week: Paneer curry with potatoes and spinachPhoto, Sian Richards.

Thursday: Haddock fettuccine

White wine adds and an instant flavour boost to this pasta sauce. Get this haddock pasta recipe.

5 Easy Weeknight Dinners For The First Week Of FallPhoto, Sian Richards.

Friday: Haddock with tomatoes, olives and feta

Using your extra fillets and tomato relish from yesterday's pasta night, these pre-prepped ingredients (a.k.a. leftovers) mean dinner is on the table in just over 20 minutes. Get this haddock recipe.

Family meal plans: Haddock with tomato relishPhoto, Sian Richards.

Dessert: Squash pound cake

Squash isn’t just for savoury recipes! Get this squash pound cake recipe

Squash pound cakePhoto, Sian Richards.


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