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5 Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes, Including A Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry

Have a packed schedule or are running low on dinner ideas? This weeknight dinner plan is for you.
5 Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes, Including A Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry

Take worrying about dinner off your to-do list this week. From a quick and delicious beef stir-fry to green curry and a grown up grilled cheese, we've picked out easy and delicious meals that will bring a variety of flavourful ingredients to the kitchen. (Bonus: They're all ready in anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes.)

Get inspired for the week ahead with the recipes below:

Monday: Coconut green fish curry

Ready in: 25 min. Serves: 4.
A spicy (and speedy!) green curry to warm you up tonight. Serve this flavour-packed dish over rice with fresh basil and lime wedges. Get our coconut green fish curry recipe.

Coconut green fish curryPhoto, Erik Putz.

Tuesday: Grilled cheese croque madame

Ready in: 40. Serves: 4.
Ham and cheese between thick sourdough slices, with creamy bechamel and a sunny side up egg? Perfection. Indulge with this French-inspired breakfast-for-dinner tonight. Get our grilled cheese croque madame recipe.

Grilled cheese croque madamePhoto, Erik Putz.

Wednesday: Teriyaki beef stir-fry

Ready in: 25 min. Serves: 4.
The perfect mix and match meal, that can also be made quickly! This recipe is also easy to take vegetarian if you want, just swap out the beef for extra-firm tofu, lightly fried in oil to crisp up the edges. Get our teriyaki beef stir-fry recipe.

Teriyaki beef stir-fry on white octagonal serving platePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Thursday: Zucchini and pork meatballs in lettuce cups

Ready in: 40 min. Serves: 4.
Skip spaghetti-night this week for a new family-favourite. Spicy mayo adds the zip, carrots, crunch, and building your own? A whole lot of tasty fun. Get our pork meatballs recipe.

Zucchini and pork meatballs in lettice cupsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Friday: Herbed falafels smashed cucumber salad

Ready in: 40 min. Serves: 4.
From healthy, protein-packed lentils to vitamin rich spinach this meal makes it easy to get all your greens in tonight. Get our herbed falafels recipe.

Herbed falafels smashed cucumber saladPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Dessert: Banoffee tart

Ready in: 15 min. Makes: 12.
A delicious dessert with bananas, chocolate and just a hint of Kahlua. Get our banoffee tart recipe.

Banoffee tartPhoto, Ryan Szulc.

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