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5 Easy Dinner Recipes, Including Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Head to the store with our list, and you'll be set for dinner every night this week.
5 Easy Dinner Recipes, Including Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

August Dinner Plan | 2015

Monday: Penne with rapini and sun-dried tomatoes

Tender-crisp rapini and rich sun-dried tomatoes come together in a easy weeknight penne pasta.
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Sun-dried tomato pasta: Penne noodles with rapini and sun-dried tomatoes in a sauté panPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Tuesday: Glazed salmon with ramen and snow peas

Fast-cooking instant ramen noodles are a boon for quick suppers. Just toss out the seasoning packet.
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Glazed salmon with ramen and snow peasPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Wednesday: Pomegranate and spice beef wraps

Save the remaining spiced beef for tomorrow's pizza recipe (next slide). You've never been so excited for leftovers.
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Pomegranate and spice beef wrapsPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Thursday: Turkish pizza

Secret ingredient: Middle Eastern cuisine uses pomegranate molasses in a lot of dishes. Adding easy-to-find pomegranate juice and simmering gently adds a similar sweet-tart flavour.
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Turkish pizzaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Friday: Grilled pork chops with pineapple salsa

Gluten-free grilling! This dish is all about bold flavours; spicy jerk seasoning is serving with a sharp fruit salsa in this perfect pairing.
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Grilled pork chops with pineapple salsaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Bonus: White chocolate mousse with cherries

A weeknight dessert that's ready in 15 minutes — and the perfect in-season indulgence.
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White chocolate mousse with cherriesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

This week, get all the shopping out of the way, and cook along with us every night as we make simple, flavourful dinner dishes in 45 minutes or less. Print our August 2015 grocery list here (or read it below). And leftovers — what leftovers? Here’s a simple set of recipes to help you use up any odds and ends when the week is over.

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