5 Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

Save a little extra time this week with a ready-made meal plan.
5 Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

Photo, Carmen Cheung.

We've planned a set of easy meals for next week's dinner–and they're all plant-based! Plan ahead with these recipes, plus an optional sweet and salty snack: spicy noodles, hearty soup, an Indian-inspired sheet pan supper and more.

Cold spicy peanut noodles with smoked tofu

Smoked tofu gets a light coating in cornstarch, then is pan-fried until crispy. It's the perfect protein for our plant-based noodle bowl–al dente spaghettini tossed with a spicy peanut sauce. Get the cold spicy peanut noodles with smoked tofu recipe.

Cold spicy vegan peanut noodles with cold tofuPhoto, Carmen Cheung.

Chickpea omelet omurice

Omurice is a classic Japanese fusion dish that marries omelet with rice. Our plant-based version doesn't use any eggs; instead, we use chickpea flour to make a fluffy pancake to drape over the rice. Get the chickpea omelet omurice recipe.

vegan omurice on round neutral plate on pink backgroundPhoto, Carmen Cheung.


Sheet pan aloo gobi and chickpeas with coconut raita

Sheet pan meals are great because they require both minimal prep and clean up. Our plant-based roasted cauliflower and chickpeas are served with a tangy raita made with cultured coconut instead of yogurt. Get the sheet pan aloo gobi and chickpeas with coconut raita recipe.

Sheet Pan Aloo Gobi And Chickpeas With Coconut Raita on round white platePhoto, Carmen Cheung.

Hearty minestrone

Our plant-based minestrone is not only filling, but also uses mostly pantry items such as pasta, dried herbs and packaged tomatoes, broth and beans. Substitute with frozen vegetables if you prefer. Get the hearty minestrone recipe.

5 Easy Vegan Weeknight DinnersPhoto, Carmen Cheung.

Vegetable kebabs with creamy lemon-garlic sauce

Roasted vegetables gets upgraded with a creamy plant-based sauce. Creamy AND plant-based? Yes, you heard right – we used ground flax meal to make a creamy lemon-garlic dressing to serve with. Get the vegetable kebabs with creamy lemon-garlic sauce recipe.

vegan vegetable kebabs with lemon-garlic sauce and quinoa on a neutral round platePhoto, Carmen Cheung.


Kettlecorn popcorn

Popcorn might just be the ultimate snack food. Pop up a big batch early in the week so you can snack on it throughout the week (or eat it during your nightly Netflix binge!) Get the kettlecorn popcorn recipe.

Fairground kettlecorn popcornPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


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