How to turn a bookcase bureau into an instant office

Turn a vintage find into a pretty workstation (for your kitchen or living room) that tucks away in a flash!
By Michael Penney
Photo by Roberto Caruso Photo by Roberto Caruso

Easy how-to:

1. Remove all hardware, doors and drawers. Lightly sand the entire cabinet.

2. Coat with a high-adhesion primer. This helps the paint stick and means you'll need fewer coats. When primer is dry, apply a layer or two of paint.

3. When paint is completely dry, reattach hardware and doors, and slide in drawers. It's time to stock your office!

Tip: Add a colourful twist by painting the inside with an accent hue or wallpapering the back wall of the cabinet.

Get this look: Wall paint, Light Pistachio, cabinet paint, Cloud White, Benjamin Moore. Milk glass vases, sofa, cushion,

Before Before


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