Grow your own herbs: intro


Grow your own herbs
Savouring your own homegrown herbs is easy, whether your garden is a sprawling spread or an apartment window box

By Yvonne Cunnington
First published in Chatelaine’s May 2003 issue.
© Yvonne Cunnington

They make your garden sing with colour and your meals taste as fresh as summer. Herbs are easier to grow than you think, both indoors and out in the garden or in pots on decks and balconies. Even better, herbs have few insect and disease problems and most grow best in average garden soil–they rarely need fertilizer. Small wonder they’re so popular.

Still, some herb gardens grow and taste better than others. To get the most from yours, just follow our foolproof guide.

  • Favourite herb varieties
  • Grow, nurture, pick
  • Top 10 herbs
  • Herbs in pots
  • Storing herbs
  • Herb know-how
  • Yard workout
  • Pot luck
  • Your complete gardening guide
  • Swap gardening tips in our Home + garden forum
  • Garden guru Yvonne Cunnington: April 14 to 18


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