3 Nintendo Switch Games For A Cozy Night In

If shorter days have you seeking indoor pursuits, that’s okay! These Nintendo Switch games will let you go on an adventure without having to leave your house.
A Short Hike by Adam Robinson-Yu (Photo: Adam Robinson-Yu)

A Short Hike by Adam Robinson-Yu

You’re a bird on vacation, and your first task is to reach the summit at Hawk Peak Provincial Park to get cell reception. But there’s no rush! This world will have you exploring hills and valleys as you climb, hike and fly, interacting with other curious hikers and discovering hidden treasures. $8.

Donut County by Ben Esposito (Photo: Ben Esposito)

Donut County by Ben Esposito

Wreak havoc on an unassuming town via an ever-growing hole in the ground controlled by a raccoon. Yes, you read that right. Complete each level by moving the hole to swallow every home and resident in sight. This puzzle game is perfect for anyone who needs a break from fourth-wave anxiety. $13.

Cozy Grove by Spry Fox (Photo: Spry Fox)

Cozy Grove by Spry Fox

If you want to love Animal Crossing but are overwhelmed by its daunting tasks, opt to camp on the haunted island of Cozy Grove instead. The hand-drawn world is colourless until you begin helping its magical animal spirits by collecting resources that bring the island to life. $15.

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