Your Official Summer 2023 Reading List

There are few things better than sitting outside on a hot day with a good book, a great beverage and plenty of sunscreen. Here are 25 of the season's best new releases to keep you reading all summer long. 
Your Official Summer 2023 Reading List

Book cover of Late Bloomers. Illustration of the backs of four peoples' heads with flowers in their hair.

This hilarious novel about coming-of-age (at any age) follows Suresh and Lata who, after nearly 40 years of marriage, divorce and must forge new paths in life. At the same time, their children are navigating changes of their own: daughter Priya has a secret affair while son Nikesh’s seemingly-perfect marriage is not all it seems. —RG; out now


Book cover of Meet Me at the Lake. Watercolour-like painting of a couple leaning on each other at the end of a dock during sunset.

Fortune, a former Chatelaine editor, returns to a lakeside setting in her second swoony romance—an instant New York Times bestseller. Fern Brookbanks spent a dreamy, whirlwind 24 hours with Will Baxter. A year later, he jilts her at their planned rendezvous. When he shows up at her mother’s flailing Muskoka resort a decade after they first met, will Fern see past his secrets?—ACT; out now

When struggling writer Mickey writes a scathing letter detailing the racism and sexism she’d endured as a Black woman in media, it’s promptly forgotten—much to her dismay. But when a media scandal breaks, she accidentally becomes a figurehead and everyone wants to know what she has to say. But, is this what she always wanted?—RG; out now

Book cover of Happy Place. Illustration of people in swimsuits jumping into the water, while some are in pool floats, at the beach.

The latest book from BookTok-fave Emily Henry follows college sweethearts Harriet and Wyn who’ve recently broken up. And still haven’t told their friends. The seemingly perfect couple must now hide their breakup while sharing a bedroom at their friend group’s annual cottage getaway.—RG; out now


Sally Milz, a comedy writer working on a Saturday Night Live-like show, creates a sketch about average-looking men who’ve dated way out of their leagues and laments that the reverse would never happen. Then she clicks with one of the show's very handsome musical guests and sparks fly. Can this romance last? —RG; out now

This new novel from Toronto writer Balcewicz follows teenager Judy in the summer of 1998 as she tries to craft an identity for herself as an artist. However, her peers have a cultish belief in the coming “Big Shadow” and her mother is scared of everything, leading Judy to latch onto a poetry professor, a man twice her age, who she believes is her ticket out of her current life.—RG; out now

Book cover of Quietly Hostile. An angry skunk with its mouth wide open and eyes shut, against an orange background.

The essayist behind the wildly popular Wow, No Thank You and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life is back with a new book. Quietly Hostile is another witty collection of essays that tackles adopting a "deranged" pandemic dog, being turned away from restaurants for being inappropriately dressed, her experience in the writing room of the Sex and the City reboot and more. —RG; out now

This new book by bestselling author Emma Cline has been described as a “grifter tale for the Anna Delvey era” by Vogue. After a misstep at a bougie Long Island dinner party, the older man that Alex has been staying with sends her home on the train. With no money and a broken phone, Alex decides to stay in Long Island and explore a world that was once closed to her.—RG; out now


This darkly comic debut novel explores millennial wedding culture, class, relationships and social media. The novel follows Callie, whose seven-hour-old marriage has already imploded and she’s left to scour her phone to piece together the events of the day. —RG; out now

From the author of Funny You Should Ask comes another celeb culture-filled romance. Kathleen is a former pop sensation who, years ago, blew up her career for one night with Cal, her boyfriend’s bandmate. Now, she’s living an ordinary life, until Cal re-enters the picture and offers her another opportunity to perform. —RG: out now

This debut novel from Georgia Toews (daughter of Miriam, the author of Women Talking and Fight Night) is about a woman who must pick up the pieces of her life after a 30-day stint in rehab. —RG; out now

This epic historical novel follows Shek Yeung, a violent and legendary Chinese pirate queen. As her brutality comes back to haunt her, Shek Yeung must reckon with her actions, power struggles among her crew and new motherhood. —RG; out now

Page’s highly anticipated memoir was under lock and key at the time of publication, so we didn’t get a sneak peek, but the book, from the Academy Award-nominated actor and leading trans activist from Halifax, is guaranteed to be illuminating. —NA; out now

Book cover of Wannabe: Reckonings with the pop culture that shapes me. Book title in bright pink and orange colours on purple background.

Co-host of popular NPR podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour, Harris’ first book is a collection of smart and witty essays about everything from The Spice Girls, New Girl, Stevie Wonder and more. —RG; out now

Sal Cannon, a magazine writer, sits down to read The Paris Review and is shocked to recognize herself as a character in a short story by a famous author. They’d met briefly at a book launch years ago. Now that he’s dead, Sal seeks out his widow—and discovers there’s more to the story. —NA; out now

Nada Syed is 28, living with her parents, and lamenting her failed start-up. She also has a tightly guarded secret: a surreptitious connection with Baz, whom she meets again after years apart. Will they overcome their stubborness and rekindle their romance? Inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion, this novel delights in the thrill of second chances. —NA; out now

Cassie Peters swaps New York City for her hometown of Mammoth Lakes, Calif. While working search and rescue at Yosemite National Park, she’s drawn in by two women living there. But Cassie is hiding a dark secret, and she’s not the only one. —NA; out now

In Rachman’s quietly devastating novel, the pandemic is raging in London and aging Dutch novelist Dora Frenhofer is home alone, dead-set on finishing her final book. As she builds characters from her own life, the line between invention and reality is blurred. —NA; out now


Sunshine Nails is in trouble. The Toronto nail salon, owned by Vietnamese refugees Debbie and Phil Tran, is facing a rent hike, and a luxury competitor is moving in nearby. The Trans—with help from their daughter, son and niece—pull out all the stops to save the salon, but will it be enough? —NA; out now

The author of The Sisters Brothers and French Exit returns with the story of Bob Comet, a retired librarian from Portland, Ore. When the septuagenarian, an extreme introvert, volunteers at a local seniors centre, the rich details of his life begin to unfurl. —NA; out now

This novel follows Cassie, who, a year into her dream job at a Silicon Valley start-up, feels trapped by the long hours, toxic bosses and unethical projects. When her CEO’s demands results in catastrophe, Cassie must decide whether her Silicon Valley dreams are worth the ethical compromise. —RG; out now

British writer Gillian McAllister (author of bestsellers How to Disappear and Wrong Place Wrong Time) is back with another thriller. This book follows a missing-persons case that unravels the dark secrets of the detective. —RG; out August 1

Alicia, a young Black woman struggling to chart her course, is visited by the Jamaican water deity River Mumma, who tasks her with finding a missing golden comb hidden somewhere in Toronto. Over 24 hours, Alicia embarks on a journey of self-discovery.  —NA; out August 22

"Back in the Land of the Living" written in magenta on a bright green background layered under a small fishnet pattern.

When Marcy, a young queer woman, leaves St. John’s for Montreal, her timing isn’t great. It’s the fall of 2019, and within a few months, there’s an impending lockdown. Now, Marcy must navigate catastrophe as she builds a life in a new city. —NA; out August 22 

Book cover for Learned. An image of a woman's face under a circle pattern of gold dots that frames the woman's eye in the centre.

Part historical fiction, part heart-rending romance, Donoghue’s latest is based on the true story of Eliza Raine and Anne Lister, who met as girls at a boarding school in 19th century York and began a clandestine love affair. —NA; out August 29


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