Five Sexy Romance Books To Heat Up Your Month

There’s something for everyone on spicy BookTok, no matter what floats your boat.
Five Sexy Romance Books To Heat Up Your Month

BookTok—TikTok’s wildly popular subculture of book reviewers, fans and haters—has long-proven its ability to turn authors into stars and bestsellers into record-breakers. (That said, critics rightly note its lack of diversity.)

Spicy BookTok, a sub-genre whose hashtag #spicybooks has over 3.5 billion views, highlights stick-your-head-in-the-freezer, someone’s-getting-lucky-tonight sexy romance books.

Through this hashtag you’ll find rough-talking alpha males, naughty priests and sinners, daddy kinks, motorcycle gang orgies, plenty of BDSM, er…monster-fucking—a genre gaining in popularity—and so, so much more. (RIP to my TikTok algorithm!) Friendly note: Please consider any content warnings from authors or TikTok creators, as not everything on #spicybooks is for everyone.

Read on for five beloved steamy romances. Prefer audiobooks? Most of these titles are free with Audible. And if you don't already have a membership, you can claim a free Audible membership here.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

A light pink book cover with a pink flower whose petals are breaking apart, in a post on sexy romance books.

This BookTok bonanza tops many spicy books lists even though it deals frankly with domestic abuse. Flower shop owner Lily falls for dashing doctor Ryle, whose relationship spans falling in love, marriage and bouts of rage and violence. Thankfully, her first love Atlas provides a safe harbour.

The sex between Lily and Ryle is hot, and Hoover handles sensitive topics with grace, but the undercurrent of abuse may not be what you’re after. It Starts With Us, a sequel featuring Lily’s happier life with Atlas, is out now.

Neon Gods by Katee Robert

A dark blue book cover with an empty leather chair on it, in a post on sexy romance books.

In a modern world where Greek gods deal in power and corruption, sweet socialite Persephone is engaged to the villainous kingpin Zeus against her will. She makes a deal with the mysterious Hades, ruler of the Lower City, and a passionate romance begins.

He’s a grump with a heart of gold; she’s tired of being seen as sweet, not strong. Robert writes about consent, BDSM and eroticism beautifully as the unlikely couple explore their intense chemistry.

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

A light blue book cover with daisies and daisy petals on it, in a post on sexy romance books.

While this small-town romance has sweet, emotional moments, Score does not hold back on the scorch factor. Good girl Naomi finds herself reeling after her evil twin disappears, leaving Naomi with a tween niece she didn't know existed. Reclusive barber Knox, whose reputation is all wrong, comes to Naomi's rescue. This pick is full of slowburn spice that will take you by surprise.

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

A book cover with an illustration of a 20-something man and woman on it, in a post on sexy romance books.

Wealthy L.A. party girl Piper is exiled to her tiny hometown in the Pacific Northwest after a way-too-public illegal party. Gruff widower and boat captain Brendan finds himself attracted to her charming, fish-out-of-water ways. They have a lot of hot sex, and after working through mutual emotional baggage they end up living happily ever after.

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

A book cover with the words Twisted Love on it, in a post about sexy romance books.

The first of a four-book series, Twisted Love blends classic tropes with sex scenes that’ll make you squirm. Alex Volkov is a haunted alpha male who melts only for Ava Chen, a good girl with a dark past. Oh, and she’s his best friend’s little sister, whom he always thought of as a sister, too.

Until now. Alex moves next door to keep an eye on Ava while her brother is out of town and their chemistry is nuclear in this dark romance.

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