10 things you didn't know about Arlene Dickinson

A peek into what the Dragons' Den star is really like, from her wicked sense of humour to her love of super-high heels

1. She favours the highest heels known to womankind, and she walks very, very fast.

2. She doesn’t hesitate to make multiple deals on Dragons’ Den and doesn’t start each season with a particular budget in mind, because many deals fall through in due diligence.

3. She has a sweet tooth.

4. She’s got a wicked sense of humour, and one of her favourite words cannot be printed in this magazine.

5. When she was asked to audition for Dragons’ Den five years ago, she thought it was a practical joke.

6. All her employees get their birthdays off work.

7. Last year, she let her grandson Carter keep any loose change he found in her purse. He made close to $700.

8. Her peak life experience was visiting Canadian troops in Afghanistan, where she was the only female celebrity who was asked to fly with Canada’s top soldier General Natynczyk to highly dangerous locations on the front lines to meet soldiers.

9. She ran a half-marathon two years ago.

10. She is a fervent believer in thank-you notes, lavish praise and firing people who try to take advantage of her goodwill.


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