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4 Women-Owned Plant Stores That Ship Across Canada

Plus, recommendations for not-so-green thumbs.
3 women photographed with plants for an article on plant delivery in Canada.

Let's face it: We all could use a little more greenery to spruce things up around our homes and offces. Thankfully, there are plenty of small businesses that offer plant delivery across Canada. To keep your delicate cargo safe during shipping, each plant is carefully wrapped and soil is secured in place with tightly packed paper. (Spring and summer are an ideal time to grow your collection, but shipping is also possible in winter thanks to heat packs and thermal wraps.) Whether you’re an experienced plant parent looking to grow the family with rare cuttings or want to adopt a fuss-free succulent for your home office, a lush indoor garden is just a few clicks away. Read on to meet the women shaking up the nursery business and get recommendations for not-so-green thumbs. 

Emily Wight from Foli with her plants.


With its easy-to-navigate website that provides detailed information on how to care for each plant, Burlington, Ont.-based Foli is perfect for new plant parents. “Plants are a tangible way for people to connect to something that grows, bringing some optimism and life to any space,” says founder Emily Wright, who launched the business in 2019. “We tend to carry plants that are hearty and generally easy to care for,” she says.“Anything is fair game for newbies on our website, aside from the infamous fiddle-leaf fig—those guys are real divas and tend to be better suited to someone with a little experience.”

A woman photographed with her plants for an article on plant delivery in Canada.

Miss Boon

Founder Sarah-Anne Nagué launched Miss Boon—one of Montreal’s first online plant stores—in 2018. On her website, she offers a vast selection of local and imported plants and cuttings, as well as cute planters and expert gardening advice. “Monstera deliciosa plants always sell well, but for people with no experience I suggest ZZ plants. They’re robust, can withstand extended periods of drought and easily adapt to different light conditions,” says Nagué.

A woman photographed with her plants for an article on plant delivery in Canada.

Plant It Modern

This Foothills County, Alta. plant store sells classic and rare plants, with weekly new arrivals.  “One of my personal favourites is the philodendron mican—the dainty and velvety dark leaves are stunning,” says founder Glenda Kleinsasser, who got her start in the business creating plant displays, succulent gardens and terrariums. “Many trailing houseplants, like pothos or philodendrons, are perfect for beginners as they’re easy to care for, resilient and look impressive in a hanging basket or on a shelf.”

A woman photographed with her plants for an article on plant delivery in Canada.

Gro For It

This small Milton, Ont. boutique offers curbside pickup and shipping (note: plant delivery is restricted to Ontario when the weather is cooler). Founder Lucy Ofori stocks everything people need to embrace a plant-filled life, from low-light loving and pet-safe options to accessories. “Snake plants are excellent for newbies. They thrive on neglect, tolerate low light and can be watered as little as once a month,” she notes .


Originally published 2021; updated 2022. 


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