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17 Cute Planters For Every Style And Budget

Give your indoor garden room to grow.
17 Cute Planters For Every Style And Budget

Adding greenery to your space is an easy way to bring the outdoors in and give any room a welcoming touch. Give your indoor garden room to grow with a selection of eye-catching planters by some of our favourite Canadian brands.

Hudson and Oak

This generously sized hand-painted fibreglass vessel can be used indoors or out.

12 in. h. x 15 in. w., $190,

hudson and oak planter


This 3D-printed planter is made from biodegradable plastic derived from plant fibres.

2.6 in. h. x 4 in. w., $30,

3DPL Canada planter

Baba Souk

A basket lined with pompoms brings home a playful touch.

9 in. h x 8 in. w., $36,

Baba Souk planter

Buk & Nola

Pop your favourite planter in this handmade leather harness finished with brass hardware.

30 in. h x 4 in. w., $72,

buk nola planter

Cam & Céramique

Contemporary design meets boho vibes.

5.5 in. h x 4 in. w., $42,

chic basta planter

Collage Crafting

This pint-sized planter is inspired by brutalist architecture.

6 in. h x 3.6 in. w., $30,

collage crafting planter

Da Ceramics

A sculptural stoneware pot is the perfect home for a small cactus.

5.5 in. h x 3.5 in. w., $65,

da ceramics planter


Unglazed terracotta instantly warms up a room.

4.2 in. h x 4.3 in. w., $9,

EQ3 planter


Graphic tone-on-tone etchings add interest to a streamlined design.

4.8 in. h x 5 in. w., $20,

Indigo planter

Kanso Designs

This recycled-plastic planter comes with a sleek bamboo stand.

8.25 in. h x 9.75 in. w., $73,

kanso designs planter


This chic stand can also be used as storage.

21 in. h x 27 in. w., $269,

kroft planter

Leora Collection

Each one of artist Leora Israel's tiny ceramic creations is one of a kind.

2.5 in. h x 3 in. w., $20,

leora collection planter


Short on space? Go vertical with an eye-catching wood and macramé hanger.

24 in. h x 2.75 in. w., $79,

pancholo planter

Smith Made

A whimsical print makes a statement on this sturdy cotton pot cover.

6 in. h x 6.5 in. w., $42,

smith made planter

Sprout and About

Wood accents elevate this minimal design.

12.25 in. h x 10.25 in. w., $120,

sprout about planter

Studio Laroche

A blush-pink glaze offers a subtle pop of colour.

4 in. h x 4 in. w., $38,

studio laroche planter


Cane and rattan make the perfect pair.

18.5 in. h x 10 in. w., $97, 

viridi planter


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