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10 Picks From Ikea’s Luminous (Literally!) New Collection

From sculptural lamps to doughnut-shaped serving bowls, these accessories are guaranteed to light up your decor.
Orange and green doughnut dishes and clear glasses and coupes from the IKEA Varmblixt collection on table (Photo: Courtesy of Ikea)

Looking to create a cozier atmosphere at home? Ikea has you covered with its new collection, created in collaboration with Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis.

An exploration of the many ways light can transform our living spaces, the Varmblixt collection features sophisticated sculptural lamps and glass home accessories (think: cocktail sets, serving bowls and mirrors) with a pared-back feel. Whether it's a bold cylindrical light fixture or a translucent doughnut-shaped bowl, each item brims with simplicity and elegance.

The 18-piece Ikea Varmblixt collection will be available online and in stores on February 1, 2023. In the meantime, take a sneak peek at 10 of our favourite picks below.

slim LED light tubes chandelier

The ability to adjust the way this frosted glass pendant lamp hangs means you'll never get tired of it.

LED pendant lamp, $199

orange doughnut lamp

Thanks to its subtle orange glow, this lamp—which can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall—will warm up any space.

LED table/wall lamp, $65

curved circle lamp on white background

True to Marcelis' dynamic style, this sculptural design curves away from the wall to give it more dimension.


LED circular wall lamp, $80

green translucent dish on white background

Its unexpected doughnut shape and mint green hue give this glass serving bowl a mid-century feel.

Glass serving bowl with lid, $30

clear champagne on white background


This glass champagne coupe features exaggerated proportions that come to life when the lights shines through it, creating what the designer calls "moments of wonder."

Champagne coupe, $10

clear tall glass on white background

Add a few of these glasses to your collection to complement any cocktail or dinner set you already have on hand.

Glass, $4

tall glass with stirring stick on white background

Elevate cocktail hour with a chic carafe that comes with a matching stirrer.

Carafe and stirrer, $15

bronze coloured mirror on white background

This bronze mirror doubles as a lamp that radiates a warm, diffuse light.


LED wall lamp/mirror, $89

white frosted tray with red handles on white background

Take your charcuterie boards to the next level with this design-forward frosted glass serving tray.

Frosted glass tray, $35

stick shaped lamp dark red on white background


Line up a few of these slim wall lamps with a curved top to create an eye-catching effect.

Linear wall lamp, $60


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