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How to make Instagram-worthy bouquets with flowers from your backyard

Amateur gardener Tara Hurst's cheat sheet for photo-worthy bouquets.
How to make Instagram-worthy bouquets with flowers from your backyard

Scroll through Victoria-based gardener Tara Hurst's Instagram feed and you'll be inundated with dreamy images of flowers spilling out of milk jugs and farmers' market tote bags. This backyard farmer creates beautiful arrangements using blooms from her own garden, and here she provides us with tips and tricks to make four show-stopping, easy-to-replicate arrangements.

Bouquets from the backyard

1. Cut blooms

Cut blooms in the morning (when it’s cold) and immediatley place them in water.

Tara HurstPhoto, Kelly Brown.

2. Find a vase

Find a vase that showcases your chosen stems. Play around with different shapes and sizes. Tip: Criss-cross cellophane tape over the mouth of your vase to create a supportive framework for stems so they don’t droop over. 

Gardening tips and tricksPhoto, Kelly Brown.

3. Choose your colour palette

Stick to a palatte of similar colours for a cohesive look. Tara’s front yard is filled with peonies, roses, lilacs, climbing hydrangeas, clematis and wisteria in shades of white, pink and purple.

Bouquets from the backyardPhoto, Kelly Brown.

4. Measure and cut

Measure the length of your blooms with the outside of the vase and cut on a 45-degree angle so flowers can easily absorb water.

Spring garden guidePhoto, Kelly Brown.

5. Start arranging

Mix large, showy blooms cut at different heights with small, delicate flowers. Foliage should soften the arrangement and be draped around the bottom of the vase or float above. Asymmetry is key to achieving a wild, loose-looking arrangement. Stand back and look at you arragement from all angles, playing around with it until you get something you like. Tip: change the water everyday to preserve freshness and keep flowers out of sunlight for longer-lasting blooms. 

Tara HurstPhoto, Kelly Brown.

Anything goes bouquet

This asymmetrical arrangement has a bit of everything – peonies, mythos roses, double tulips, rosemary, flowering skimmia and Estelle solidago.

Anything goes bouquetPhoto, Kelly Brown.

Bouquet of herbs

Rosemary, sage and fennel join pink-speckled hellebores in this light and ethereal herb bouquet.

Bouquet of herbsPhoto, Kelly Brown.

Big blooms bouquet

Romantic and robust white and pink peonies are set against full Romantic Antike Freelander roses in this lush arrangement.

Big bloom bouquetPhoto, Kelly Brown.

Monochromatic bouquet

Chartreuse viburnum is paired with roses, parrot tulips and white ranunculus.

Monochromatic bouquetPhoto, Kelly Brown.

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