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Eight easy ways to transform your closet

Tired of a cramped closet space? Maximize your wardrobe with these storage-savvy ideas.

pink huggable hangers The Container Store

Huggable hangers, The Container Store

Many of us dream of having a luxurious walk-in closet that makes picking your outfit for the day feel like shopping in your favourite boutique. And while your space may not allow for such a dream, a few easy tweaks, to even a small wardrobe, will bring you closer to that experience.

1. Create a neat stack

Use a FlipFold laundry folder to create perfectly folded uniform stacks for everything from shirts and sweaters to towels and sweatpants. Tip: Don’t want to invest in any fancy gadgets? Use a magazine as your form to create the same uniform stacks

2. Use vertical storage

Maximize all your available space and make everything easily accessible by adding a basic bookshelf. Use it to line up shoes or display neat stacks of clothing.

3. Shelf dividers

Keep those newly neat stacks straight, organized and upright on the shelf with a clip-on shelf divider like the ones from The Container Store. Tip: use them to create sections to keep all of your handbags tidy and lined up as well.

4. Space saving hangers

If you’re tight on hanging space, look for space saving hangers like the new Huggable Hangers to maximize the available space and stop your clothes from slipping off to ensure a neat, streamlined look. Tip: pick a set in your favourite hue for a little colour boost every time you open your closet.

5. Specialized hangers

Invest in a few specialized hangers that hold multiple pieces for ties and belts. This will allow you to keep your entire collection on display for easy selection and keep them neat and tidy.

6. Pretty storage

Pick a few boxes in a pretty fabric to store soft, bulkier items that cannot be neatly stacked. They are a great solution if you do not have additional drawer space, for smaller items like winter socks and scarves. They’ll do double duty keeping all the clutter under control and add a pretty hint of colour or pattern to the space.

7. Clear storage

Look for clear storage containers for shoes or smaller items and accessories to keep them protected but still in sight for easy accessibility.

8. Lighting

Now that you’ve transformed your closet into an organizational marvel, don’t let it go to waste. You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark every morning, so ensure a smooth and easy experience by making sure your space is well lit. Nix your builder’s standard lighting mount and replace it with a pretty chandelier to make your little corner a bit more glamorous, or try a piece with multiple adjustable heads so you can focus the light where you need it. You could also try putting a few battery operated spotlights in your shelves to make the space a little brighter and more functional.

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