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An easy guide to cleaning your bathroom

Does cleaning the bathroom seem like a tiresome task? Follow this checklist to get it in tip-top shape quickly and efficiently.
By Rayna Schwartz
Photo, Erik Putz Photo, Erik Putz

Now that you've found more ways to create storage in your bathroom, the task of giving it a thorough clean and re-organizing is still in order. Here's how to do it:

Step one: Clean

Start by doing a deep clean of your bathroom. Sometimes it's easy to forget some of the less obvious places, so make sure to follow this checklist:

  • Vacuum and scrub the floors.
  • Wipe windows and mirrors
  • Wipe switches, light fixtures, handles, and door knobs.
  • Do a thorough scrub of your faucet, bathtub and shower.
  • Scrub the toilet.
  • Hang a fresh hand towel.

Step two: Organize

The next step is to get organized. Cabinets can get cluttered very easily. First thing to do is to remove everything and give your cabinet shelves a good clean. Then follow tips for purging your bathroom products:

1. Throw away anything that is expired.


2. Throw away anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months.

3. Throw away anything that is empty or that you don't need anymore.

Next, place the items you use the most often in the most visible spots. Finally, write down what products need to be replaced and put it on your shopping list.


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