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How to give your plain wicker baskets a refresh

Use leftover paint to give inexpensive wicker baskets a trendy two-toned makeover. Here's how to do it in four easy steps.
By Virginie Martocq
Laundry basket dipped in white paint Roberto Caruso


1. Place drop cloths or newspapers on your floor to protect it from any spills. Use a paint tray to catch run-off paint.

2. Grab a friend or family member: You will handle the paint, and your partner will hold the basket.

3. Slowly pour paint down the lower half of the basket while your partner hold it by the upper rim and rotates it. Collect paint in paint tray and pour back into can.

4. Let dry completely. Repeat as needed. Click here to watch the video tutorial.

No-mess cheat: Get a similar look by brushing several thick layers of paint onto the basket.


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