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6 Bulbs To Plant Now For Flowers Next Spring

Get these in the ground immediately, and thank yourself next year.
By Sarah Nixon
6 Bulbs To Plant Now For Flowers Next Spring

Planting spring-flowering bulbs is one of the easiest ways to bring colour to your garden, and they appear at the time of year when we especially appreciate green and growing things.

To give bulbs the best chance of surviving winter, plant them in fall soon after purchasing. Choose well-draining soil (more sandy than clay-like) and plant the bulbs at a depth of approximately three times their diameter. Then throw a little bone meal into the hole to feed the roots. After they start blooming, allow the foliage to turn brown before cutting it back — this gives the nutrients time to feed the bulb so it will do well the following year. A benefit of most spring-flowering bulbs is their ability to naturalize: over the years they will spread in a manageable way with little intervention needed to keep them flourishing.

Here are six bulbs to plant this fall:

6 spring bulbs to plant this fall


These bulbs often bloom in late winter or early spring (earning their name!). Plant them in a sunny spot for the earliest blooms. Hardy to zone 3 to 9.

SnowdropsPhoto, Instagram/louisejallan.


While we love these flowers for their beauty, squirrels see the bulbs as lunch. To protect the bulbs from being dug up, cover the surface of the flower bed with chicken wire after planting and remove it when the shoots begin to sprout. At that stage, a sprinkling of blood meal can deter critters. Darwin varieties have large flowers and are dependable year after year, while La Belle Epoque offer up lush, full blooms. Hardy to zone 3 to 8.

TulipsPhoto, Instagram/vellingeblomman_official.



These flowers are poisonous, and therefore remain untouched by deer and rodents. Double-scented varieties, such as Bridal Crown or White Lion, are gorgeous and come in soft shades. For naturalizing in a large space, try Geranium or Cheerfulness — they will multiple and create a drift of colour each spring. Hardy for zone 3 to 9.

DaffodilsPhoto, Instagram/eva.vicic.


The small white and dusty purple nodding blooms have a checkered pattern — a rare thing in the flower world. They're beautiful when massed together or cut up and brought into your home. When planting, opt for the shadier spots with good drainage. Hardy to Zone 3 to 8.

FritillaryPhoto, Instagram/broderavadduvill.


Most often seen in a deep blue, these little flowers (which look like clusters of grapes) are also available in white, pale pink, soft blue and indigo. Like all small flowers they provide the biggest wow when planted in large numbers. Hardy to zone 3 to 8.

MuscariPhoto, Instagram/gtotheq.



Alliums flower in June and look like an explosion of fireworks (both in bloom and as they dry into seed heads). Bees love them and, thankfully, they aren't appealing to deer or rodents. Try the Globemaster, Allium Schubertii and the crazy Hair varieties, which will live in your garden for years. Hardy to zone 3 to 8.

AlliumPhoto, Instagram/theminnemermaid.


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