24 Drinks Perfect For Hostess Gifts, Stocking Stuffers Or A Holiday Treat

From alcohol-free wines to cream liqueurs and everything in between, here are this year’s best gifts for people who like tasty drinks. Which is everybody, right?
24 Drinks Perfect For Hostess Gifts, Stocking Stuffers Or A Holiday Treat

There’s a reason that gifting delicious drinks—be they alcohol-free or full-strength—is a part of so many peoples’ lists. It’s easy to order online, there’s something for almost everyone and the right choice can make the holidays an even tastier occasion than usual. Here are 24 picks for alcohol gifts and non-alcoholic gifts for everyone from the sober-curious to the serious wine collector.

Dillon’s Espresso Martini Kit, $80

Dillon's 1 x 750mL Dillon's Coffee Liqueur 1 x 200mL Dillon's Rye Vodka 1 x Dillon's Aromatic Bitters 2 x Detour Instant Coffee packs in a box on a white table, alcohol and non alcohol and drinks gifts and presents

There are a dozen different cocktail kits available at Dillon’s, starting at $56, but this Espresso Martini Kit is particularly charming. It's on-trend and contains everything you need for this modern classic—including instant coffee.


De Terroir Espresso, $25

A pink and black bag of 2Peru Fredeslinda Calle Jimenez espresso from De Terroir on a white background, alcohol gifts

Although there’s nothing wrong with using instant coffee for that Dillon’s espresso martini, fresh espresso is the best way to achieve a rich and creamy-looking foam on the top. For that, we recommend a bag of espresso beans from Quebec City’s De Terroir, a next-level coffee roaster that sources unique beans, including these ones from Peru's Fredeslinda Calle Jimenez, a woman-run plantation.

Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero Non-Alcoholic Trio, $27

Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero Non-Alcoholic Trio, three bottles of piquet, ranging from pale pink to darker pink to yellow, on a white background, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

For some of us, piquette is more than a refreshing drink, it’s a lifestyle. At Benjamin Bridge, it comes in two strengths—low-alcohol and no-alcohol—and the latter is surprisingly awesome. This year, they’ve added a new expression, Ruby, and bundled it up with the Original and Pink versions, offering all three in a special holiday package.


Mason Vineyard Blanc de Blancs Hors Domaine 2020 Sparkling, $55

a bottle of Mason Vineyard’s Blanc de Blancs Hors Domaine 2020 Sparkling

It’s nice to celebrate with some bubbles with a sense of place, which is why we chose this low-intervention, ancestral method fizz from Twenty Mile Bench’s Mason Vineyard. Winemaker Kelly Mason has experience as head winemaker at several revered Ontario wineries and has finally struck out on her own—a move that many of her loyal fans are super excited about. Her 2022 Pinot Noir won a lot of critical acclaim and her Chardonnay is flawless, but this bright, fresh, bone-dry and ever-so-slightly floral Blanc de Blancs is perfect for the holiday season.

Bottega Pistacchio Cream Liqueur, $28

a bottle of Bottega Pistacchio Cream Liqueur turned sideways on a white background

The world just seemed like a slightly better place after we learned about this pistachio liqueur from Italy. Bottega does cream liqueurs right—it’s rich, nutty and creamy and makes a good dessert.

M-31 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Gift Pack, $25

M-31 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Gift Pack, three cans of stout and a glass and a box on a white background

There’s absolutely nothing better than a rich, bold and bourbon-tinged stout on a cold day and this one is one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Bowlerama Old Fashioned Gift Set from the Crafty Bartender, $40

Bowlerama Old Fashioned Gift Set from the Crafty Bartender, includes a retro glass, top-notch cocktail cherries, as well as whisky-infused caramel popcorn

Pick up a bottle of whisky and pair it with this inspired gift set, which includes a retro glass, top-notch cocktail cherries, as well as whisky-infused caramel popcorn (yes, please). Incidentally, this is only one of several options for gifting at the Crafty Bartender, so have a browse. It’s truly the perfect store for the home bartender who thinks they have everything.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, $106

A bottle of maker's mark cask strength bourbon turned one ts side on a white background

Special bourbon releases, such as this Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, can seem pricey but they’re usually a good gifting investment, since whisky fans love getting things like this 55.5 percent ABV spirit and will totally realize you’ve gone the extra mile.


Cave de Lugny Bourgogne Pinot Noir, $23

a bottle of Cave de Lugny Bourgogne Pinot Noir on a white background, best alcohol and nonalcoholic gifts and presents

Since it can be hard to know what wine to serve with lighter fare, we offer up this suggestion—a budget-friendly classic light red that works with poultry, fish and many veggie dishes. Win-win-win.

For the Love of Cocktails signed book and class, $140

Four hands holding cosmopolitan pink cocktails in coupe glasses clicking glasses against the backdrop of one person's orange blazer, best alcohol and non alcoholic gifts and presents

At her West Queen West space, renowned Toronto bartender Evelyn Chick offers up lessons in making better cocktails—a highly giftable experience in higher education. Add on a copy of her smart and beautifully illustrated book, For the Love of Cocktails, so your lucky friend can do some homework in advance and gaze at stunning photos. Not in Toronto? Check out the more transportable cocktail kits on offer, all of which can also be paired with her book.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Dry Secco, $15

bottles of gruvi dry non-alcoholic Prosecco with hands reaching for them on a tiled background, best alcoholic and non alcoholic gifts Canada presents

It’s nice to have options when it comes to delicious NA fizz to toast with; so, even though there are a few on this list already, it seemed like a good idea to add this light, bright and relatively dry substitute for Italian bubbles.

Hall of Fame Vodka, $50

a bottle of hall of fame vodka that looks like a wood baseball bat

Novelty bottles aren’t usually our favourite but this baseball bat bottle is so cute we’re making an exception and adding it to the list—for the baseball fans in our life, of course.

Mission Hill Family Estate Exhilarat!on Brut Rosé, $40

A bottle of Mission Hill Exhilarat!on Brut Rosé, alcohol and non alcoholic gifts

Bone-dry, but with plenty of fruit and fizz, this amazing brut rosé from B.C.’s Mission Hill is perfect for everything from ringing in the new year to handing off to a host as a thank you present.


Bark & Bitter Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Bitters Sampler Pack, $40

Niagara’s own Bark & Bitter, which is responsible for Novara, one of the first non-alcoholic amaros to hit the market, has just launched its second product—zero-proof cocktail bitters for the sober-curious home bartender in your life.

Canella Prosecco Advent Calendar, $200

Various small individual serving size bottles of Prosecco in front of a red box, Canella Prosecco Advent Calendar

Twenty-four days of prosecco? Only if you insist. Last year, this package sold out really quickly, so, if you see it, order/grab it. (Find more Advent calendar ideas from our roundup.)

Vodkow London Fog Cream Liquor, $35

A bottle of Vodkow London Fog Cream Liquor

From retro bottle design to creative seasonal releases, there’s a lot to love about Dairy Distillery, an Ontario distillery that turns dairy waste into tasty Vodkow vodka. This year, it’s continuing in that tradition with its London Fog cream liqueur. (Get more Canadian cream liqueur ideas.)

Campo Viejo Gran Reserva, $35

a bottle of Campo Viejo Gran Reserva

We all have someone on our list who just loves big, bold and well-aged reds. This is the bottle for them. It’s a special occasion bottle from Rioja that’s totally suitable for serving with decadent meals. This is the first time we’ve seen a five-year-old Gran Reserva from this producer ’round these parts.

Twisted Lemon Cocktail Advent Calendar, $245

Twisted Lemon Cocktail Advent Calendar

Twisted Lemon, a southern Ontario restaurant (and boutique inn) had a clever idea to make holiday packs with 24 delicious ready-to-drink cocktails. Too big a commitment? They also sell smaller packs and single bottles.


Road 13 Advent Calendar, $286

Road 13 Advent Calendar, bottles of red wine in front of a case

We’re charmed by Road 13’s suggestion to “Have yourself a merry little countdown” this season with their six-bottle Advent calendar.

Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Blanc de Blancs, $23

Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Blanc de Blancs

A leader in great wine-like drinks “liberated” from alcohol, Sweden’s Oddbird offers a range of terrific options, from alcohol-free GSM (grenache, syrah and mouvedre) to sparkling spumante. For the holidays, the Blanc de Blancs is our top choice.

Mulled Wine Ingredient Set, $54

Mulled Wine Ingredient Set with mulling spice and dried orange slices

Save time at the spice aisle this season with this mulled wine ingredient set from Cocktail Emporium. Just add wine and enjoy this time-honoured holiday tradition.

Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin, $55

The Victoria, B.C. distillery that brought you that Instagram-friendly purple gin has a new release: Elderflower Rose. This one doesn’t change colours but, with its lovely pink hue, we’re quite happy with that.

Merry Berry Bublé, $6 for 12 cans

A can of Merryberrybubly that looks like a Christmas sweater and with the y crossed out so it says bublé like the singer

Looking for a little light, alcohol-free triple-berry fizz for the holidays? This extremely popular line of flavoured sparkling water has got you covered.

On the Rocks Tres Generaciones Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita, $40

On the Rocks Tres Generaciones Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

Home bartending is fun (try our Spicy Pineapple Margarita recipe!) but so is taking a night off and just enjoying a well-made ready-to-pour cocktail like this bold and zesty twist on a classic. It's a pretty great idea for a stocking stuffer, too.

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