Shoe-shopping tips from the pros

The Running Room's Bryan Smith shares us a few pointers of what to look for when shopping for a pair of runners
Running Shoe Guide_Feature Photo, Erik Putz.

How much should you pay for the perfect shoe?

Running shoes vary in price, but experts say anywhere from $100 to $150 is reasonable for a quality sneaker.

How long should your shoes last?

German researchers tested more than 150 pairs of shoes and found that high-quality kicks still maintained their integrity after 1,000 km. If you’re unsure, The Running Room's Bryan Smith recommends returning to the store and trying on the new version of your shoes about every six months. “If the newer version feels the same, it’s likely not time to change,” he says. “But if you can tell the difference between the two, it may be time to invest in another pair.”

How to shop for shoes:

1. Go at the end of the day, or after a workout, when your foot has swollen to its full size. And don’t forget your socks! Bring the ones you work out in most often.

2. Test drive the shoes on the store’s treadmill, or take them for a quick jog down a hallway.


3. Be aware of friction points. “You should never feel that you need to break the shoe in,” says Madsen Baker, a McMaster University kinesiology professor in Hamilton, Ont. “The shoe should fit perfectly comfortably, and your foot should feel like it belongs there.”


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