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The six types of friends every woman should have

No two friends are the same. Find out how each one contributes to your happiness in a unique and important way.
By Carlen Costa, MPH, DHS, RSSW, CPPA
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As women we yearn for social connections. Studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer. This makes a great case for making Sunday brunch with your BFFs mandatory, but is it more about who we socialize with, rather than how much?

We all want to be happy and healthy in all of our relationships and the women in our inner circle of friends definitely impact our satisfaction levels. The women we surround ourselves with impact our happiness many different ways, at different times in our loves. Read on to see the friends I think every woman needs.

1. The philanthropist A philanthropic friend is always gearing up for the holiday food bank, constantly attending charity events — she likely works in the non-profit sector  — and gives more to nurturing the growth of her community than anyone you know. The benefit this friend is that she reminds you to stop and think about how your choices can make the days better for you and someone else. Her values are inspiring, they encourage you to be reflective and to give back to those who need it.

2. The entrepreneur This friend knows the realities of perseverance and endurance. She balances soccer practice with invoices, her mobile calendar organizes her life and her no-nonsense outlook on life is refreshing. She's the friend you go to for a reality check when you’re feeling particularly self loathing. Even though you might have to schedule your dates well in advance, she always provides you her undivided attention while you both hash out the pros and cons of your life’s next chapter. She may be married to her career, but her commitment to success — in all of her relationships — helps you feel empowered.

3. The lush Everyone's got a friend who can be relied on to enjoy a delicious selection of cheese, a magnum of wine and the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy just as much as you do. This is the friend you turn to when you need to blow off steam — the good, the bad and the (sometimes) tipsy. In Jimmy Choo’s and a goblet of wine when together you dance the night away, laugh until your face hurts and flirt your way to better bar service. She reminds you to not take life so seriously. That if you’re not having fun, then it isn’t worth doing. You know that you’ve both indulged in the joie de vivre but have also endured through the trials and tribulations that life has to offer.


4. The gypsy  Life can either be about everyone else’s dreams or it can be about your own. Finding the motivation to be creative is one of the best opportunities you can experience. A friend who enlightens you to art, music and the more exotic ways of the world is a good thing. She encourages you to find harmony and opens the door to the possibility of experience.

5. The DIY/domestic goddess She frequents the farmer’s market, is wonderfully addicted to Pinterest and has a love affair with chalk board paint. Her home may be full of mason jars and her slow cooker permanently stationed on the kitchen counter, but her attention to detail and action-oriented behaviour motivates you to customize your happiness on a daily basis. Whether it’s creating almond butter curry chicken or house warming terrariums, everything she does is with a purpose and resourcefulness that inspires you to gain the same motivation in your own projects.

6. The yogi/fitness enthusiast  Your yogini gal is one of the most accepting and down to earth women you will ever meet. She encourages you to understand how your daily choices impact your body and long term health. She acts as the reminder that you can make better choices that are easy, impactful and lead to a fulfilling and disciplined lifestyle whether it's trying the local juice bar, scheduling a massage or just taking some extra time for you.

What traits do you possess that your friends love? Let us know in the comment section below.


Read more: Are best friends a thing of the past after age 30? > Dr. Carlen is one of Canada’s most sought after sex and relationship experts. After receiving a degree from The University of Western Ontario, she went on to achieve her Masters of Public Health and Doctorate of Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. IASHS is home to some of the world’s most talented and influential people in the practice of sexology. She is privileged and honoured to be working amongst a prestigious class of professionals within the field of sexology.


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