Three ways to look and feel your best this month

Step into fall with a healthier outlook by following these three simple steps.
Three ways to look and feel your best this month

Photo, Jamie Grill/ Getty Images.

3 ways to feel your best

Look younger with sunscreen

Using sunscreen every single day (yes, all 365) can help you tap into the fountain of youth, says research printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine. What’s most interesting is this is the first study to prove that applying SPF 15 or higher slows the signs of aging by up to 25 percent. Researchers also say using SPF prevents photo-aging and helps our skin look fresher in the long term. 
Three ways to look and feel your best this monthJamie Grill/ Getty Images

Score a deal. Get a mood boost!

Want to know one of the fastest ways to put a smile on your face? Find a fabulous deal! U.K. researchers now confirm what we all secretly hoped: Shopping has emotional benefits. Scanning the racks activates the left prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain linked to positive thinking. “These findings give literal meaning to the cliché ‘retail therapy,’ ” says researcher Charles Dennis. Even better? Women get top points for sniffing out deals. Another study reveals women save an average of 10 percent more than men on each shopping trip. 
Bottom Line: “Shopper’s high” has proven feel-good benefits, especially when you find a great steal!
Three ways to look and feel your best this monthSam Edwards/ Getty Images

Sidestep the flu (and heart troubles too!)

On the fence about getting a flu shot? Maybe this news will make your decision easier: In two separate studies, Canadian researchers at the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre reveal that flu vaccines can protect your ticker too. The jab may reduce heart attack and stroke risk by 50 percent and heart-related death by 40 percent. The studies involved over 3,200 people, almost half with heart disease. While researchers still don’t understand how the flu shot protects our hearts, they speculate that it may counteract infl ammation and immune responses associated with artery-hardening plaques.

Bottom Line: At risk for the flu or heart disease? Speak to a doctor or pharmacist about your options. Check our flu fighting solutions here.

vaccine needle shotPhoto, iStockphoto.


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