How I'll give Chatelaine readers a man's take on relationship news

How exactly is a married guy supposed to write about relationship news for readers?


How exactly is a married guy supposed to write about relationship news for readers? Seriously, that was my question to my editors when they asked me to make one of my twice-weekly health blogs about relationships — specifically, a man’s take on all the advice we get and research we read on how to make your relationship happier, and therefore healthier.

My own relationship with my wife predates the Internet, so it’s been a while since I dated, or even since I got married. We met in 1989 and have been together — very happily together — ever since. We have two kids. And that’s about all I’m going to say about my wife and family, because if I start delving details about my love life then you’re going to be grossed out and I’m going to wind up with a kink in my neck from sleeping on the couch.

With that in mind, what we’ve come up with is a regular guy’s take on relationship news, research, and issues — let’s face it, those articles are usually aimed at women. (I get to start reading Cosmo. Hooray!) You’ll find out what a man like me — a pretty average guy, I figure — thinks about stuff like if fighting can be good for your relationship, if a cheater is always a cheater, and if guys really are afraid of smart women.

I’ll look at relationship advice making the rounds, as well as some of the more scientific studies out there. Plus we’ll take a peek at some of the general “Can’t we all just get along?” discussion that’s out there, be it about sex, money, travel, kids, cars, back hair, or whatever. There’s always news in the world of relationships, and my wife tells me I have opinions on that stuff.

So, in short, I’m going to read that stuff, then tell you what I think. I’m scared. You should be too.

If you’ve got a source you rely on for relationship advice — any kind at all, be it scientific or much less so — that you want me to look at, or if there is a specific (and recent) article that you’d like me to weigh in on, please send the link to [email protected]

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