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Gluten-free black-bean double-fudge brownies

Gluten-free expert Kathy Smart gives us a sweet and healthful way to indulge our sweet tooth -- surprisingly decadent black bean brownies.
Kathy Smart Gluten-free Brownie Recipe Kathy Smart's gluten-free brownie recipe (Photo by James Park and Answerman Ltd.)

I created this recipe after my friend Anne challenged me on the topic of adding black beans to baking recipes. The proof is in the brownie, Anne! Rich, moist, not too sweet and wonderfully decadent are just a few of the words fans have used to describe this brownie. The fudge texture combines perfectly with the crunch of walnuts that are a great source of essential fatty acids like omega-3. And walnuts have been praised by Dr. Oz for their ability to slow down the aging of the brain, aid in strong cardiovascular health and even ward off Alzheimer’s. The decadence, though, is fully credited to the winning combo of black beans (high in iron, protein, antioxidants and fibre) and the dark chocolate chips anti-inflammatory).

While you're home with your family this long weekend add some healthfulness to an amazing after-dinner dessert with this recipe:

Ingredients 1 can of black beans (rinsed) 3 eggs ½ cup of unsweetened cocoa ½ cup of butter or coconut oil ¾ cup of Sucanat or coconut sugar ½ cup of dark chocolate chips 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract ½ teaspoon of baking soda 2/3 cup of walnuts

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350F 2. Add all ingredients except walnuts to a food processor and puree to create your batter 3. Stir in walnuts 4. Add brownie batter to a pre-greased 8 by 8 inch pan 5. Bake for 30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean 6. Serve with melted dark chocolate, fresh mango and coconut milk ice cream.

Makes 12 generous brownies

This recipe was taken from Live The Smart Way a gluten-free and wheat-free cookbook from Kathy Smart, North America’s gluten-free expert and National Health Activist of Canada. Get more from Kathy Smart


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