We challenge you to start an in-office fitness club

We've started our own fitness challenge in the office and we extend the idea to you. Send us your photos and tweet us your encouragement!
The Chatelaine team does wall sits in front of our kitchen The Chatelaine team does wall sits in front of our kitchen

We're only four days in and we're already hooked! Here at Chatelaine, we've committed 10 minutes a day to an in-office workout (no Lulu gear required) and we want to share some of our workouts with you. We hope to inspire other workplaces to take up this trend and get moving -- if for only 10 minutes a day!

What you need to know: 1. We have a group of about 20 people and counting who've signed up for the challenge. 2. Each member was weighed-in upon signing up. 3. Everyone set a goal to hit by the end of the 30 days. The goals varied from hitting a specific weight, to increasing strength or endurance. The main focus is on getting out of our seats and getting active for 10 minutes a day. All other benefits are welcomed, of course. 4. Every day a different person leads the workout to ensure they're varied. 5. Having fun is a necessity! This isn't about competition.

If you'd like to start something similar at your work, here's a breakdown of the workouts we have done so far:

Day 1: Ab-tastic Led by associate health editor Alanna Glassman

Arm circles (30 sec) Standing forward bend (30 sec) Warrior pose with knee tucks (3x) Lunge twist segment with twist (3x) Chair pose with arms raised (45 sec) (Repeat twice)

Plank hold (1 min) In plank Pose: bring left knee to right elbow (3x) In plank Pose: bring right knee to left elbow (3x) Side plank left side (30 sec) Side plank right side (30 sec) Two push ups (Repeat once) Horse with plie squats Wall sit (2 mins)


Day 2: Stair scare Led by assistant beauty and health editor Madeline Cravit

Form a circle with the leader in the centre and switch out every 30 seconds Exercises we did (lasted five minutes): Arm circles Forward bends Squats Jog on the spot

We then jogged to our stairwell and climbed 10 flights of stairs at a brisk pace. We finished the routine by walking back down.

Day 3: Grab a partner Led by deputy editor Laurie Jennings

Partner 1: plank Partner 2: jumping jacks (1 min) (alternate and repeat three times)


Partner 1: wall sit Partner 2: kick heels to thighs (1 min) (alternate and repeat three times)

Partner 1: hold bow pose (sitting down with knees at 90 degrees, lift back off ground and hold arms beside raised legs) Partner 2: jump while alternating arms and legs (1 min) (alternate and repeat three times)

Stretches: Sit cross-legged, raise arms over head and fall forward, reaching arms away from body (10 seconds) (repeat three times)

While sitting cross-legged, reach left arm over head towards right side (15 seconds) (repeat with opposite side)

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We hope we can inspire you to start the same challenge at your workplace. Send us your pictures of your office fitness challenge on Twitter or on Instagram with the hashtag #10at2

Also, watch for our 30-Day Shape-up Plan beginning in July. 


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