Diving's Olympic partners Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel on the secret to their chemistry

The Canadian athletes from Quebec tell us why they love the sport and their top workout tips
By Alanna Glassman
Emilie Heymans and Jennifer dive in sync LatinContent/STR

Emilie Heymans
Age: 30
Sport: Diving
Trains: 5 hours a day
Hometown: Montreal

Emilie Heymans will make more than a splash if she medals again: She could become the first Canadian athlete to stand on the podium at four straight Summer Olympics. "Competing is in my blood. My parents were high-level athletes, too," she says.

Why this sport: "Nailing a perfect dive is such a thrill."

On her diving partner, Jennifer Abel: "We have similar rhythm. so it makes working together easy."

Fave post-exercise fuel:
"Fresh fruit with cottage cheese."

From diver to designer:
"I just finished my degree in fashion merchandising, and I’m working on a bathing suit line."

Goals for London: "This will probably be my last Olympics. I want to enjoy them and make sure I have no regrets. Hopefully I’ll get on the podium for a forth time!"

Top workout tip:
"When I’ve nailed a good dive, it’s such a great feeling. I’ve been training for these moments for 25 hours a week, every week, since I was seven years old. I think it’s important to find a challenge and work hard for it, day in and day out."

Her award-winning advice: "Focus on what you can control. Ignore everything else."

Jennifer Abel
Age: 20
Sport: Diving
Trains: 5 hours a day
Hometown: Laval, Que.

One of Canada's youngest-ever divers, Jennifer Abel made her Olympic debut at 16 in 2008. She keeps her workouts fresh with weight training, ballet and a little Zumba on Xbox Kinect.

Why this sport: "I love the adrenaline rush and connecting with my body in new ways."

On her diving partner, Emilie Heymans:
"We have a special connection. I like how calm she is."

Speedy recovery trick: "Lots of sleep, around nine hours, keeps me in shape for training."

Top workout tip: "Don’t be afraid of going outside your comfort zone and trying something new."

"I’m not a big vegetable person. It’s usually rice, lean meats and fruits for me."

Fave snack: Mango.

Her motto:
"Do what you love and love what you do."

Her award-winning advice: "Never give less than 100 percent in all that you do."

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